Iwona Kochańska
Iwona Kochańska
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Underwater acoustic communications in time-varying dispersive channels
I Kochańska, J Schmidt, M Rudnicki
2016 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems …, 2016
Estimation of coherence bandwidth for underwater acoustic communication channel
I Kochanska, JH Schmidt
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Shallow water experiment of OFDM underwater acoustic communications
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Multiple-input multiple-output technique for underwater acoustic communication system
JH Schmidt, AM Schmidt, I Kochańska
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Measurement of impulse response of shallow water communication channel by correlation method
J Schmidt, I Kochańska, A Schmidt
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Study of the performance of DSSS UAC system depending on the system bandwidth and the spreading sequence
I Kochanska, R Salamon, JH Schmidt, AM Schmidt
Sensors 21 (7), 2484, 2021
A method for testing the wide-sense stationary uncorrelated scattering assumption fulfillment for an underwater acoustic channel
I Kochańska, I Nissen, J Marszal
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 143 (2), EL116-EL120, 2018
Direction-of-arrival estimation methods in interferometric echo sounding
P Grall, I Kochanska, J Marszal
Sensors 20 (12), 3556, 2020
Reliable OFDM data transmission with pilot tones and error-correction coding in shallow underwater acoustic channel
I Kochanska
Applied Sciences 10 (6), 2173, 2020
Stationary underwater channel experiment: Acoustic measurements and characteristics in the Bornholm area for model validations
I Nissen, I Kochańska
Hydroacoustics 19, 285-296, 2016
Transmission parameters of underwater communication channels
H Lasota, I Kochańska
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Application of OFDM technique to underwater acoustic data transmission
I Kochańska, H Lasota
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Study of probe signal bandwidth influence on estimation of coherence bandwidth for underwater acoustic communication channel
I Kochanska, JH Schmidt, AM Schmidt
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Simulation of direct-sequence spread spectrum data transmission system for reliable underwater acoustic communications
I Kochańska, J Schmidt
Vibrations in Physical Systems 30, 1-8, 2019
Probe signal processing for channel estimation in underwater acoustic communication system
I Kochańska, J Schmidt
Signal Processing: Algorithms, Architectures, Arrangements, and Applications …, 2017
Adaptive identification of time-varying impulse response of underwater acoustic communication channel
I Kochańska
Hydroacoustics 18, 87-94, 2015
Assessment of Wide-Sense Stationarity of an Underwater Acoustic Channel Based on a Pseudo-Random Binary Sequence Probe Signal
I Kochanska
Applied Sciences 10 (4), 1221, 2020
Limitations of WSSUS modeling of stationary underwater acoustic communication channel
I Kochańska, I Nissen
Hydroacoustics 19, 229-238, 2016
Investigation of underwater channel time-variabiliy influence on the throughput of OFDM data transmission system.
I Kochanska, H Lasota
Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics 17 (1), 2012
Underwater navigation system based on Doppler shift–measurements and error estimations
Z Ostrowski, R Salamon, I Kochańska, J Marszal
Polish Maritime Research 27 (1), 180-187, 2020
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