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Initiation of microspore embryogenesis by stress
A Touraev, O Vicente, E Heberle-Bors
Trends in plant science 2 (8), 297-302, 1997
Breeding and domesticating crops adapted to drought and salinity: a new paradigm for increasing food production
A Fita, A Rodríguez-Burruezo, M Boscaiu, J Prohens, O Vicente
Frontiers in Plant Science 6, 978, 2015
Efficient microspore embryogenesis in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) induced by starvation at high temperature
A Touraev, A Indrianto, I Wratschko, O Vicente, E Heberle-Bors
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Responses to salt stress in the halophyte Plantago crassifolia (Plantaginaceae)
O Vicente, M Boscaiu, MÁ Naranjo, E Estrelles, JM Bellés, P Soriano
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Flavonols stimulate development, germination, and tube growth of tobacco pollen
B Ylstra, A Touraev, RMB Moreno, E Stöger, AJ Van Tunen, O Vicente, ...
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Isoforms of Bet v 1, the Major Birch Pollen Allergen, Analyzed by Liquid Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, and cDNA Cloning (∗)
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Stress-induced microspore embryogenesis in tobacco: an optimized system for molecular studies
A Touraev, A Ilham, O Vicente, E Heberle-Bors
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A cell cycle regulated MAP kinase with a possible role in cytokinesis in tobacco cells
O Calderini, L Bögre, O Vicente, P Binarova, E Heberle-Bors, C Wilson
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Development of a citrus genome-wide EST collection and cDNA microarray as resources for genomic studies
J Forment, J Gadea, L Huerta, L Abizanda, J Agustí, S Alamar, E Alos, ...
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Effects of salinity and drought on growth, ionic relations, compatible solutes and activation of antioxidant systems in oleander (Nerium oleander L.)
D Kumar, M Al Hassan, MA Naranjo, V Agrawal, M Boscaiu, O Vicente
Plos one 12 (9), e0185017, 2017
The expression of a small heat shock gene is activated during induction of tobacco pollen embryogenesis by starvation
V Zarsky, D Garrido, N Eller, J Tupy, O Vicente, F Schöffl, E Heberle‐Bors
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Stress as the major signal controlling the developmental fate of tobacco microspores: towards a unified model of induction of microspore/pollen embryogenesis
A Touraev, M Pfosser, O Vicente, E Heberle-Bors
Planta 200, 144-152, 1996
Effects of salt and water stress on plant growth and on accumulation of osmolytes and antioxidant compounds in cherry tomato
M Al Hassan, MM FUERTES, FJR SÁNCHEZ, O Vicente, M Boscaiu
Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca 43 (1), 1-11, 2015
Overexpression of Arabidopsis thaliana LTL1, a salt‐induced gene encoding a GDSL‐motif lipase, increases salt tolerance in yeast and transgenic plants
MA Naranjo, J Forment, M Roldan, R Serrano, O Vicente
Plant, cell & environment 29 (10), 1890-1900, 2006
Reactivity with monoclonal antibodies of viruses from an episode of foot-and-mouth disease
MG Mateu, E Rocha, O Vicente, F Vayreda, C Navalpotro, D Andreu, ...
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A developmentally regulated MAP kinase activated by hydration in tobacco pollen.
C Wilson, V Voronin, A Touraev, O Vicente, E Heberle-Bors
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Environmentally induced changes in antioxidant phenolic compounds levels in wild plants
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Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 38, 1-15, 2016
Are soluble carbohydrates ecologically relevant for salt tolerance in halophytes?
R Gil, M Boscaiu, C Lull, I Bautista, A Lidón, O Vicente
Functional Plant Biology 40 (9), 805-818, 2013
Bet v 1 proteins, the major birch pollen allergens and members of a family of conserved pathogenesis‐related proteins, show ribonuclease activity in vitro
I Swoboda, K Hoffmann‐Sommergruber, G O'Ríordáin, O Scheiner, ...
Physiologia Plantarum 96 (3), 433-438, 1996
Antioxidant responses under salinity and drought in three closely related wild monocots with different ecological optima
M Al Hassan, J Chaura, MP Donat-Torres, M Boscaiu, O Vicente
AoB Plants 9 (2), plx009, 2017
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