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Block ramps in curved rivers: morphology analysis and prototype data supported design criteria for mild bed slopes
S Pagliara, A Radecki‐Pawlik, M Palermo, K Plesiński
River Research and Applications 33 (3), 427-437, 2017
Effect of a baffled chute on stream habitat conditions and biological communities
A Bylak, K Kukuła, K Plesiński, A Radecki-Pawlik
Ecological Engineering 106, 263-272, 2017
Plant basket hydraulic structures (PBHS) as a new river restoration measure
T Kałuża, A Radecki-Pawlik, K Szoszkiewicz, K Plesiński, ...
Science of the Total Environment 627, 245-255, 2018
Possibilities of fish passage through the block ramp: Model-based estimation of permeability
K Plesiński, A Bylak, A Radecki-Pawlik, T Mikołajczyk, K Kukuła
Science of the Total Environment 631, 1201-1211, 2018
Impact of Incision of Gravel‐bed Rivers on Ground Beetle Assemblages
T Skalski, R Kędzior, B Wyżga, A Radecki‐Pawlik, K Plesiński, ...
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Sediment transport processes related to the operation of a rapid hydraulic structure (Boulder Ramp) in a Mountain Stream Channel: a polish carpathian example
K Plesiński, A Radecki-Pawlik, B Wyżga
Sediment matters, 39-58, 2015
Analysis of Chosen Hydraulic Parameters of a Rapid Hydraulic Structure (RHS) in Porebianka Stream
A Radecki-Pawlik, K Plesinski, B Wyzga
IWLHS 2013-International Workshop on Hydraulic Design of Low-Head Structures …, 2013
Scour depth model for grade-control structures
AMA Sattar, K Plesiński, A Radecki-Pawlik, B Gharabaghi
Journal of Hydroinformatics 20 (1), 117-133, 2018
Effects of interlocked carpet ramps on upstream movement of brown trout Salmo trutta in an upland stream
K Plesinski, CN Gibbins, A Radecki-Pawlik
Journal of Ecohydraulics 5 (1), 3-30, 2020
Hydromorphological evaluation of the river training impact on a multi-thread river system (Belá River, Carpathians, Slovakia)
A Kidová, A Radecki-Pawlik, M Rusnák, K Plesiński
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 6289, 2021
Hydrodynamic parameters in a flood impacted boulder block ramp: Krzczonówka mountain stream, Polish Carpathians
A Radecki-Pawlik, K Plesiński, B Radecki-Pawlik, P Kuboń, R Manson
Journal of Mountain Science 15 (11), 2335-2346, 2018
Ecohydrological conditions in two catchments in the Gorce Mountains: Jaszcze and Jamne streams–Western Polish Carpathians
A Radecki-Pawlik, A Bucała, K Plesiński, P Oglęcki
Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology 14 (3), 229-242, 2014
Use of high-water marks and effective discharge calculation to optimize the height of bank revetments in an incised river channel
B Wyżga, A Radecki-Pawlik, T Galia, K Plesiński, V ©karpich, R Duąek
Geomorphology 356, 107098, 2020
Bed-load transport in two different-sized mountain catchments: Mlynne and Lososina streams, Polish Carpathians
A Radecki-Pawlik, P Kuboń, B Radecki-Pawlik, K Plesiński
Water 11 (2), 272, 2019
Variability of the river bed system and morphology in the region of the block ramp impact (the case of the Porębianka river)
K Plesiński
Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Formatio Circumiectus 17 (1), 79, 2018
Dominant discharge in the Indus river from downstream of the Kotri barrage dam
A Radecki-Pawlik, W Laszek, K Plesinski, BK Lashari
Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Formatio Circumiectus 13 (4), 225, 2014
Zróżnicowanie parametrów hydrodynamicznych cieku w miejscu zdeponowania grubego rumoszu drzewnego
A Radecki-Pawlik, M Wieczorek, K Plesiński
Acta Sci. Pol., FormatioCircumiectus 10 (2), 35-46, 2011
Changes of fluvial processes caused by the restoration of an incised mountain stream
B Wyżga, M Liro, P Miku¶, A Radecki-Pawlik, J Jeleński, J Zawiejska, ...
Ecological Engineering 168, 106286, 2021
Rozkład prędko¶ci oraz naprężeń stycznych w komorach przepławki typu wielkokomorowego
A Radecki-Pawlik, K Plesinski, B Radecki-Pawlik
Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Formatio Circumiectus 16 (1), 2017
Comparative research of interlocked-carpet block ramp (ICBR) made of natural stone with rapid hydraulic structures (RHS) of Peterka type [in:] Carvalho RF
A Radecki-Pawlik, K Plesiński, R ¦lizowski
IWLHS–The International Workshop on Hydraulic Structures: Data Validation …, 2015
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