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NMR relaxation of molecules confined inside the cement paste pores under partially saturated conditions
A Bede, A Scurtu, I Ardelean
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Bioethanol production from vineyard waste by autohydrolysis pretreatment and chlorite delignification via simultaneous saccharification and fermentation
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Sustainable biomass pellets production using vineyard wastes
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Life cycle assessment of biofuels production processes in viticulture in the context of circular economy
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Characterization of biobriquettes produced from vineyard wastes as a solid biofuel resource
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Sustainability problematization and modeling opportunities
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The influence of silanized nano-SiO2 on the hydration of cement paste: NMR investigations
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Green protocols for the isolation of carbohydrates from vineyard vine-shoot waste
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Preparation, characterization, and performance of natural zeolites as alternative materials for beer filtration
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Materials 16 (5), 1914, 2023
Bioethanol production from Abies Alba wood using adaptive neural fuzzy interference system mathematical modeling
L Senila, S Costiug, A Becze, D Kovacs, E Kovacs, DA Scurtu, ...
Cell. Chem. Technol 54, 53-64, 2020
Structural Characterization of Several Cement-Based Materials Containing Chemical Additives with Potential Application in Additive Manufacturing
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Use of vine shoot waste for manufacturing innovative reinforced cement composites
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Applied Sciences 13 (1), 134, 2022
Simultaneous determination of vitamins D3 (calcitriol, cholecalciferol) and K2 (menaquinone-4 and menaquinone-7) in dietary supplements by UHPLC
A Becze, VL Babalau Fuss, DA Scurtu, M Tomoaia-Cotisel, A Mocanu, ...
Molecules 26 (22), 6982, 2021
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