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Compact diffractive interferometric displacement sensor in reflection
Y Jourlin, J Jay, O Parriaux
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Enhancement of both Faraday and Kerr effects with an all-dielectric grating based on a magneto-optical nanocomposite material
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100 nm period grating by high-index phase-mask immersion lithography
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Direct nanopatterning of 100 nm metal oxide periodic structures by Deep-UV immersion lithography
F Stehlin, Y Bourgin, A Spangenberg, Y Jourlin, O Parriaux, S Reynaud, ...
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Cylindrical grating rotation sensor
O Parriaux, Y Jourlin, N Lyndin
US Patent 8,345,259, 2013
Nucleate boiling on ultra-smooth surfaces: Explosive incipience and homogeneous density of nucleation sites
M Al Masri, S Cioulachtjian, C Veillas, I Verrier, Y Jourlin, J Ibrahim, ...
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Microelectronic Engineering 177, 46-51, 2017
Direct fabrication of a metal-like TiN-based plasmonic grating using nitridation of a photo-patternable TiO2 sol-gel film
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Optical Materials Express 6 (8), 2508-2520, 2016
Flying phase mask for the printing of long submicron-period stitchingless gratings
E Gamet, Y Jourlin, S Pelissier, R Min, S Reynaud, C Veillas, JC Pommier, ...
Microelectronic engineering 83 (4-9), 734-737, 2006
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