Mihail Busu
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Sustainability of circular economy indicators and their impact on economic growth of the European Union
M Busu, CL Trica
Sustainability 11 (19), 5481, 2019
Adopting circular economy at the European Union level and its impact on economic growth
M Busu
Social Sciences 8 (5), 159, 2019
Environmental factors and sustainability of the circular economy model at the European Union level
CL Trica, CS Banacu, M Busu
Sustainability 11 (4), 1114, 2019
Sustainable knowledge management and its impact on the performances of biotechnology organizations
A Zbuchea, F Pînzaru, M Busu, SO Stan, A Bârgăoanu
Sustainability 11 (2), 359, 2019
Analyzing the impact of the renewable energy sources on economic growth at the EU level using an ARDL model
M Busu
Mathematics 8 (8), 1367, 2020
Modeling the circular economy processes at the EU level using an evaluation algorithm Based on Shannon entropy
C Busu, M Busu
Processes 6 (11), 225, 2018
Assessment of the impact of bioenergy on sustainable economic development
M Busu
Energies 12 (4), 578, 2019
Analyzing the Renewable Energy and CO2 Emission Levels Nexus at an EU Level: A Panel Data Regression Approach
M Busu, AC Nedelcu
Processes 9 (1), 130, 2021
Applications of TQM processes to increase the management performance of enterprises in the Romanian renewable energy sector
M Busu
Processes 7 (10), 685, 2019
Entrepreneurial innovation impact on recycling municipal waste. A panel data analysis at the EU level
CS Banacu, M Busu, R Ignat, CL Trica
Sustainability 11 (18), 5125, 2019
The role of renewables in a low-carbon society: Evidence from a multivariate panel data analysis at the eu level
M Busu
Sustainability 11 (19), 5260, 2019
Sustainability and Economic Performance of the companies in the renewable energy sector in Romania
M Busu, AC Nedelcu
Sustainability 10 (1), 8, 2017
Measuring the Renewable Energy Efficiency at the European Union Level and Its Impact on CO2 Emissions
M Busu
Processes 7 (12), 923, 2019
The role of knowledge intensive business services on Romania’s economic revival and modernization at the regional level
C Busu, M Busu
Sustainability 9 (4), 526, 2017
An analysis of the economic performances of the retail companies in Romania
M Busu, MV Vargas, IA Gherasim
Management & Marketing. Challenges for the Knowledge Society 15 (1), 125-133, 2020
An economic analysis on the degree of market concentration: Competition Indicators
M Bușu
Proceedings of the 6th International Management Conference “Approaches in …, 2012
Research on the factors of competition in the green procurement processes: A case study for the conditions of romania using pls-sem methodology
C Busu, M Busu
Mathematics 9 (1), 16, 2020
The mediating role of the ability to adapt to teleworking to increase the organizational performance
M Busu, A Gyorgy
The Amfiteatru Economic Journal 23 (58), 654-654, 2021
Portfolio optimization using classification and functional data analysis techniques
V Stefanescu, F Serban, M Busu, M Ferrara
Economic Computation and Economic Cybernetics Studies and Research 44 (3 …, 2010
Real convergence, steps from adherence to integration
M Busu, A Gyorgy
Amfiteatru Economic Journal 18 (42), 303-316, 2016
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