Marcel Mindrescu
Marcel Mindrescu
Assistant Professor
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Forest restitution and protected area effectiveness in post-socialist Romania
J Knorn, T Kuemmerle, VC Radeloff, A Szabo, M Mindrescu, WS Keeton, ...
Biological Conservation 146 (1), 204-212, 2012
Climatic implications of cirque distribution in the Romanian Carpathians: palaeowind directions during glacial periods
M Mindrescu, IS Evans, NJ Cox
Journal of Quaternary Science 25 (6), 875-888, 2010
Cirque form and development in Romania: Allometry and the buzzsaw hypothesis
M Mîndrescu, IS Evans
Geomorphology 208, 117-136, 2014
Holocene vegetation history in the Maramureș mountains (Northern Romanian Carpathians)
S Fărcaș, I Tanțău, M Mîndrescu, B Hurdu
Quaternary International 293, 92-104, 2013
Interdisciplinary investigations of the first reported laminated lacustrine sediments in Romania
M Mîndrescu, AI Cristea, SM Hutchinson, G Florescu, A Feurdean
Quaternary International 293, 219-230, 2013
High mountain region of the Northern Romanian Carpathians responded sensitively to Holocene climate and land use changes: a multi-proxy analysis
A Geantă, M Gałka, I Tanțău, SM Hutchinson, M Mîndrescu, A Feurdean
The Holocene 24 (8), 944-956, 2014
Lake sediment records of atmospheric pollution in the Romanian Carpathians
FO Akinyemi, SM Hutchinson, M Mîndrescu, JJ Rothwell
Quaternary International 293, 105-113, 2013
Genetic structure in Pinus cembra from the Carpathian Mountains inferred from nuclear and chloroplast microsatellites confirms post-glacial range contraction and identifies …
B Lendvay, M Höhn, S Brodbeck, M Mîndrescu, F Gugerli
Tree genetics & genomes 10 (5), 1419-1433, 2014
Last 1000 years of environmental history in Southern Bucovina, Romania: A high resolution multi-proxy lacustrine archive
G Florescu, SM Hutchinson, Z Kern, M Mîndrescu, IA Cristea, D Mihăilă, ...
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 473, 26-40, 2017
Bathymetric and sedimentological changes of glacial Lake Știol, Rodna Masiff
M Mindrescu, IA CRISTEA, SM Hutchinson
Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences 5 (1), 57-65, 2010
Recent sediment accumulation rates in contrasting lakes in the Carpathians (Romania): impacts of shifts in socio-economic regime
SM Hutchinson, FO Akinyemi, M Mîndrescu, R Begy, A Feurdean
Regional environmental change 16 (2), 501-513, 2016
Geomorphometry of the glacial cirques in the Romanian Carpathians
M Mîndrescu
PhD thesis, University of Iasi, Romania, 2006
High‐resolution projections of evapotranspiration and water availability for Europe under climate change
Ș Dezsi, M Mîndrescu, D Petrea, PK Rai, A Hamann, MM Nistor
International Journal of Climatology 38 (10), 3832-3841, 2018
Climate change effect on groundwater resources in Emilia-Romagna region: An improved assessment through NISTOR-CEGW method
MM Nistor, M Mîndrescu
Quaternary International 504, 214-228, 2019
Lakes, lacustrine sediments, and palaeoenvironmental reconstructions
M Mîndrescu, G Florescu, I Grădinaru, A Haliuc
Landform Dynamics and Evolution in Romania, 699-734, 2017
Water quality and ecology of the Iezer and Bolatau lakes
Lakes reservoirs and ponds 4 (2), 119-130, 2010
Relating streamer flows to density and magnetic structures at the Parker Solar Probe
AP Rouillard, A Kouloumvakos, A Vourlidas, J Kasper, S Bale, ...
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 246 (2), 37, 2020
Glacial cirques in the Romanian Carpathians and their climatic implications
M Mîndrescu, IS Evans
Landform Dynamics and Evolution in Romania, 197-213, 2017
Dendrochronology and radiocarbon dating of subfossil conifer logs from a peat bog, Maramureș Mts, Romania
M Árvai, I Popa, M Mîndrescu, B Nagy, Z Kern
Quaternary International 415, 6-14, 2016
Bolătău sediment record–Chronology, microsedimentology and potential for a high resolution multimillennial paleoenvironmental proxy archive
M Mîndrescu, A Németh, I Grădinaru, Á Bihari, T Németh, J Fekete, ...
Quaternary Geochronology 32, 11-20, 2016
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