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Large‐Area fabrication of periodic arrays of nanoholes in metal films and their application in biosensing and plasmonic‐Enhanced photovoltaics
JW Menezes, J Ferreira, MJL Santos, L Cescato, AG Brolo
Advanced Functional Materials 20 (22), 3918-3924, 2010
Band gap of hexagonal 2D photonic crystals with elliptical holes recorded by interference lithography
F Quiñónez, JW Menezes, L Cescato, VF Rodriguez-Esquerre, ...
Optics Express 14 (11), 4873-4879, 2006
Recording different geometries of 2D hexagonal photonic crystals by choosing the phase between two-beam interference exposures
JW Menezes, L Cescato, EJ De Carvalho, ES Braga
Optics Express 14 (19), 8578-8583, 2006
Improving the performance of gold nanohole array biosensors by controlling the optical collimation conditions
JW de Menezes, A Thesing, C Valsecchi, LEG Armas, AG Brolo
Applied optics 54 (21), 6502-6507, 2015
Fabrication of high-aspect ratio silicon nanopillars and nanocones using deep reactive ion etching
C Fischer, JW Menezes, SA Moshkalev, C Verissimo, AR Vaz, JW Swart
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer …, 2009
Low-cost leukemic serum marker screening using large area nanohole arrays on plastic substrates
C Valsecchi, T Jones, C Wang, H Lochbihler, JW Menezes, AG Brolo
Acs Sensors 1 (9), 1103-1109, 2016
Gold Nanohole Arrays Fabricated by Interference Lithography Technique as SERS Probes for Chemical Species Such As Rhodamine 6G and 4, 4′-Bipyridine
LEG Armas, JW Menezes, MG Huila, K Araki, HE Toma
Plasmonics 12, 1015-1020, 2017
Comparison of plasmonic arrays of holes recorded by interference lithography and focused ion beam
JW Menezes, LAM Barea, EF Chillcce, N Frateschi, L Cescato
IEEE Photonics Journal 4 (2), 544-551, 2012
Photoresists comparative analysis using soft X-ray synchrotron radiation and time-of-flight mass spectrometry
LAV Mendes, LF Avila, JW Menezes, RR Pinho, CRA Lima, L Cescato, ...
European polymer journal 45 (12), 3347-3354, 2009
Template-stripping fabricated plasmonic nanogratings for chemical sensing
KY Hong, JW Menezes, AG Brolo
Plasmonics 13, 231-237, 2018
Coupling Single-Drop Microextraction with SERS: A Demonstration Using p-MBA on Gold Nanohole Array Substrate
EB Santos, C Valsecchi, JLS Gonçalves, LF Ávila, JW Menezes
Sensors 19 (20), 4394, 2019
Large area plasmonic gold nanopillar 3-D electrodes
M Atighilorestani, JW Menezes, AG Brolo
Electrochimica Acta 188, 91-97, 2016
Influence of the Al concentration on the electronic properties of coupled and uncoupled AlxGa1− xAs/AlAs/AlyGa1− yAs double quantum wells
LEG Armas, ECF da Silva, CA Duarte, IR Pagnossin, AA Quivy, ...
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 61, 158-166, 2014
Synthesis and Raman characterization of wood sawdust ash, and wood sawdust ash-derived graphene
LS Severo, JB Rodrigues, DA Campanelli, VM Pereira, JW Menezes, ...
Diamond and Related Materials 117, 108496, 2021
Interaction between Yb3+ doped glasses substrates and graphene layers by raman spectroscopy
DA Campanelli, JW Menezes, C Valsecchi, LBR Zegarra, C Jacinto, ...
Thin Solid Films 712, 138315, 2020
Two-dimensional photonic crystals in antimony-based films fabricated by holography
M Nalin, JW Menezes, L Cescato, ES Braga, H Hernandez-Figueroa, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 103 (10), 106101, 2008
Production of transparent soda-lime glass from rice husk containing iron and manganese impurities
J Gonçalves, G da Silva, L Lima, D Morgado, M Nalin, LEG Armas, ...
Ceramics 3 (4), 494-506, 2020
Er3+-doped tellurite micro-structured fiber: Laser generation and optical gain
EF Chillcce, R Narro-García, JW Menezes, E Rodriguez, D Marconi, ...
Proc. SPIE 8257, 82570B1-8257010, 2012
Refractive index effect in the lattice geometry of photonic crystals generated by multi-exposure interference patterns
JW Menezes, EJ de Carvalho, ES Braga, L Cescato
Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 11 (7), 075103, 2009
Influence of gold nanoholes and nanoslits arrays on Raman spectra and optical reflectance of graphene oxide
LT Quispe, JW Menezes, W Chong, LBR Zegarra, LEG Armas
Optics Express 26 (24), 31253-31263, 2018
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