Diana Popescu
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FDM process parameters influence over the mechanical properties of polymer specimens: A review
D Popescu, A Zapciu, C Amza, F Baciu, R Marinescu
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3D-printed carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites: a systematic review
SHR Sanei, D Popescu
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Rapid prototyping for patient-specific surgical orthopaedics guides: A systematic literature review
D Popescu, D Laptoiu
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Assembly/disassembly analysis and modeling techniques: A review
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Paste extruder—hardware add-on for desktop 3D printers
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D Popescu, D Anania, CE Cotet, C Amza
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Effects of multiple sterilizations and natural aging on the mechanical behavior of 3D-printed ABS
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Disassembly method based on connection interface and mobility operator concepts
D Popescu, R Iacob
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Design and 3D printing customized guides for orthopaedic surgery–lessons learned
D Popescu, D Laptoiu, R Marinescu, I Botezatu
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Preparando a los estudiantes para la Generación Z: consideraciones sobre el currículo de impresión 3D
D Popescu, DM Popa, BG Cotet
Propósitos y representaciones 7 (2), 240-254, 2019
Fast production of customized three-dimensional-printed hand splints
D Popescu, A Zapciu, C Tarba, D Laptoiu
Rapid Prototyping Journal, 2019
Getting ready for Generation Z students-considerations on 3D printing curriculum
D Popescu, DM Popa, BG Cotet
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Workflow for additive manufacturing of an individualized surgical template
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Design and rapid manufacturing of patient-specific spinal surgical guides: a survey
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3D-Printed shoe last for bespoke shoe manufacturing
C Amza, A Zapciu, D Popescu
MATEC Web of Conferences 290, 04001, 2019
Material flow design and simulation for a glass panel recycling installation
CL Popa, CE Cotet, D Popescu, MF Solea, SG Șașcîm, T Dobrescu
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Generation of disassembly directions based on component mobility
R Iacob, D Popescu
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Development and 3D printing of an ABS ergonomic handle for medical use
D Vlasceanu, F Baciu, D Popescu, A Hadar, R Marinescu
Mater. Plast 55 (4), 2018
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