David John Gagne II
David John Gagne II
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Making the black box more transparent: Understanding the physical implications of machine learning
A McGovern, R Lagerquist, DJ Gagne, GE Jergensen, KL Elmore, ...
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 100 (11), 2175-2199, 2019
Using artificial intelligence to improve real-time decision-making for high-impact weather
A McGovern, KL Elmore, DJ Gagne, SE Haupt, CD Karstens, R Lagerquist, ...
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Interpretable deep learning for spatial analysis of severe hailstorms
DJ Gagne II, SE Haupt, DW Nychka, G Thompson
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Storm-based probabilistic hail forecasting with machine learning applied to convection-allowing ensembles
DJ Gagne, A McGovern, SE Haupt, RA Sobash, JK Williams, M Xue
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Machine learning for stochastic parameterization: Generative adversarial networks in the Lorenz'96 model
DJ Gagne, HM Christensen, AC Subramanian, AH Monahan
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Deep learning for spatially explicit prediction of synoptic-scale fronts
R Lagerquist, A McGovern, DJ Gagne II
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Deep learning on three-dimensional multiscale data for next-hour tornado prediction
R Lagerquist, A McGovern, CR Homeyer, DJ Gagne II, T Smith
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Machine learning enhancement of storm-scale ensemble probabilistic quantitative precipitation forecasts
DJ Gagne, A McGovern, M Xue
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Classification of convective areas using decision trees
DJ Gagne, A McGovern, J Brotzge
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 26 (7), 1341-1353, 2009
Why we need to focus on developing ethical, responsible, and trustworthy artificial intelligence approaches for environmental science
A McGovern, I Ebert-Uphoff, DJ Gagne, A Bostrom
Environmental Data Science 1, e6, 2022
Machine learning the warm rain process
A Gettelman, DJ Gagne, CC Chen, MW Christensen, ZJ Lebo, H Morrison, ...
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 13 (2), e2020MS002268, 2021
Deep-learning-based gridded downscaling of surface meteorological variables in complex terrain. Part I: Daily maximum and minimum 2-m temperature
Y Sha, DJ Gagne II, G West, R Stull
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 59 (12), 2057-2073, 2020
Explicit forecasts of low-level rotation from convection-allowing models for next-day tornado prediction
RA Sobash, GS Romine, CS Schwartz, DJ Gagne, ML Weisman
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Enhancing understanding and improving prediction of severe weather through spatiotemporal relational learning
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Calibration of machine learning–based probabilistic hail predictions for operational forecasting
A Burke, N Snook, DJ Gagne II, S McCorkle, A McGovern
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Deep-learning-based gridded downscaling of surface meteorological variables in complex terrain. Part II: Daily precipitation
Y Sha, DJ Gagne II, G West, R Stull
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 59 (12), 2075-2092, 2020
Spatiotemporal relational probability trees: An introduction
A McGovern, NC Hiers, M Collier, DJ Gagne II, RA Brown
2008 Eighth IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, 935-940, 2008
Challenges and benchmark datasets for machine learning in the atmospheric sciences: Definition, status, and outlook
PD Dueben, MG Schultz, M Chantry, DJ Gagne, DM Hall, A McGovern
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Evaluation of statistical learning configurations for gridded solar irradiance forecasting
DJ Gagne II, A McGovern, SE Haupt, JK Williams
Solar Energy 150, 383-393, 2017
Solar energy prediction: An international contest to initiate interdisciplinary research on compelling meteorological problems
A McGovern, DJ Gagne, J Basara, TM Hamill, D Margolin
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 96 (8), 1388-1395, 2015
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