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Manuel Ferrer
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Gut microbiota disturbance during antibiotic therapy: a multi-omic approach
AE Pérez-Cobas, MJ Gosalbes, A Friedrichs, H Knecht, A Artacho, ...
Gut 62 (11), 1591-1601, 2013
Environmental biocatalysis: from remediation with enzymes to novel green processes
M Alcalde, M Ferrer, FJ Plou, A Ballesteros
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Functional redundancy-induced stability of gut microbiota subjected to disturbance
A Moya, M Ferrer
Trends in microbiology 24 (5), 402-413, 2016
Genome sequence of the ubiquitous hydrocarbon-degrading marine bacterium Alcanivorax borkumensis
S Schneiker, VAPM dos Santos, D Bartels, T Bekel, M Brecht, ...
Nature biotechnology 24 (8), 997, 2006
Understanding the antimicrobial mechanism of TiO2-based nanocomposite films in a pathogenic bacterium
A Kubacka, MS Diez, D Rojo, R Bargiela, S Ciordia, I Zapico, JP Albar, ...
Scientific reports 4, 4134, 2014
Chaperonins govern growth of Escherichia coli at low temperatures
M Ferrer, TN Chernikova, MM Yakimov, PN Golyshin, KN Timmis
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Microbial diversity and metabolic networks in acid mine drainage habitats
C Méndez-García, AI Peláez, V Mesa, J Sánchez, OV Golyshina, M Ferrer
Frontiers in microbiology 6, 475, 2015
Novel hydrolase diversity retrieved from a metagenome library of bovine rumen microflora
M Ferrer, OV Golyshina, TN Chernikova, AN Khachane, D Reyes‐Duarte, ...
Environmental Microbiology 7 (12), 1996-2010, 2005
Synthesis of sugar esters in solvent mixtures by lipases from Thermomyces lanuginosus and Candida antarctica B, and their antimicrobial properties
M Ferrer, J Soliveri, FJ Plou, N López-Cortés, D Reyes-Duarte, ...
Enzyme and Microbial Technology 36 (4), 391-398, 2005
Antibiotic use and microbiome function
M Ferrer, C Méndez-García, D Rojo, C Barbas, A Moya
Biochemical pharmacology 134, 114-126, 2017
Metagenomics for mining new genetic resources of microbial communities
M Ferrer, A Beloqui, KN Timmis, PN Golyshin
Journal of molecular microbiology and biotechnology 16 (1-2), 109-123, 2009
Microbiota from the distal guts of lean and obese adolescents exhibit partial functional redundancy besides clear differences in community structure
M Ferrer, A Ruiz, F Lanza, SB Haange, A Oberbach, H Till, R Bargiela, ...
Environmental microbiology 15 (1), 211-226, 2013
Mining enzymes from extreme environments
M Ferrer, O Golyshina, A Beloqui, PN Golyshin
Current opinion in microbiology 10 (3), 207-214, 2007
Novel polyphenol oxidase mined from a metagenome expression library of bovine rumen biochemical properties, structural analysis, and phylogenetic relationships
A Beloqui, M Pita, J Polaina, A Martínez-Arias, OV Golyshina, ...
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Enzymatic acylation of di-and trisaccharides with fatty acids: choosing the appropriate enzyme, support and solvent
FJ Plou, MA Cruces, M Ferrer, G Fuentes, E Pastor, M Bernabé, ...
Journal of Biotechnology 96 (1), 55-66, 2002
Estimating the success of enzyme bioprospecting through metagenomics: current status and future trends
M Ferrer, M Martínez‐Martínez, R Bargiela, WR Streit, OV Golyshina, ...
Microbial biotechnology 9 (1), 22-34, 2016
Metagenomics approaches in systems microbiology
JM Vieites, ME Guazzaroni, A Beloqui, PN Golyshin, M Ferrer
FEMS microbiology reviews 33 (1), 236-255, 2008
Discovery of extremely halophilic, methyl-reducing euryarchaea provides insights into the evolutionary origin of methanogenesis
DY Sorokin, KS Makarova, B Abbas, M Ferrer, PN Golyshin, EA Galinski, ...
Nature microbiology 2 (8), 17081, 2017
Mining genomes and ‘metagenomes’ for novel catalysts
M Ferrer, F Martínez-Abarca, PN Golyshin
Current Opinion in Biotechnology 16 (6), 588-593, 2005
Lipase‐catalyzed regioselective acylation of sucrose in two‐solvent mixtures
M Ferrer, MA Cruces, M Bernabe, A Ballesteros, FJ Plou
Biotechnology and bioengineering 65 (1), 10-16, 1999
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