Jérôme Bolte
Jérôme Bolte
TSE, University Toulouse Capitole (France), ANITI
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Citat de
Citat de
Proximal alternating linearized minimization for nonconvex and nonsmooth problems
J Bolte, S Sabach, M Teboulle
Mathematical Programming 146 (1), 459-494, 2014
Convergence of descent methods for semi-algebraic and tame problems: proximal algorithms, forward–backward splitting, and regularized Gauss–Seidel methods
H Attouch, J Bolte, BF Svaiter
Mathematical Programming 137 (1), 91-129, 2013
Proximal alternating minimization and projection methods for nonconvex problems: An approach based on the Kurdyka-Łojasiewicz inequality
H Attouch, J Bolte, P Redont, A Soubeyran
Mathematics of Operations Research 35 (2), 438-457, 2010
The Łojasiewicz inequality for nonsmooth subanalytic functions with applications to subgradient dynamical systems
J Bolte, A Daniilidis, A Lewis
SIAM Journal on Optimization 17 (4), 1205-1223, 2007
On the convergence of the proximal algorithm for nonsmooth functions involving analytic features
H Attouch, J Bolte
Mathematical Programming 116 (1), 5-16, 2009
Clarke subgradients of stratifiable functions
J Bolte, A Daniilidis, A Lewis, M Shiota
SIAM Journal on Optimization 18 (2), 556-572, 2007
A descent lemma beyond Lipschitz gradient continuity: first-order methods revisited and applications
HH Bauschke, J Bolte, M Teboulle
Mathematics of Operations Research 42 (2), 330-348, 2017
Characterizations of Lojasiewicz inequalities: subgradient flows, talweg, convexity
J Bolte, A Daniilidis, O Ley, L Mazet
Trans. Amer. Math. Soc 362 (6), 3319-3363, 2010
From error bounds to the complexity of first-order descent methods for convex functions
J Bolte, TP Nguyen, J Peypouquet, BW Suter
Mathematical Programming 165, 471-507, 2017
A second-order gradient-like dissipative dynamical system with hessian-driven damping.: Application to optimization and mechanics
F Alvarez, H Attouch, J Bolte, P Redont
Journal de mathématiques pures et appliquées 81 (8), 747-779, 2002
First order methods beyond convexity and Lipschitz gradient continuity with applications to quadratic inverse problems
J Bolte, S Sabach, M Teboulle, Y Vaisbourd
SIAM Journal on Optimization 28 (3), 2131-2151, 2018
Alternating proximal algorithms for weakly coupled convex minimization problems. Applications to dynamical games and PDE's
H Attouch, J Bolte, P Redont, A Soubeyran
Journal of Convex Analysis 15 (3), 485, 2008
Hessian Riemannian gradient flows in convex programming
F Alvarez, J Bolte, O Brahic
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Conservative set valued fields, automatic differentiation, stochastic gradient methods and deep learning
J Bolte, E Pauwels
Mathematical Programming 188, 19-51, 2021
Optimal complexity and certification of Bregman first-order methods
RA Dragomir, AB Taylor, A d’Aspremont, J Bolte
Mathematical Programming, 1-43, 2022
Tame functions are semismooth
J Bolte, A Daniilidis, A Lewis
Mathematical Programming 117 (1), 5-19, 2009
Modeling lead input and output in soils using lead isotopic geochemistry
RM Semlali, JB Dessogne, F Monna, J Bolte, S Azimi, N Navarro, ...
Environmental science & technology 38 (5), 1513-1521, 2004
Majorization-minimization procedures and convergence of SQP methods for semi-algebraic and tame programs
J Bolte, E Pauwels
Mathematics of Operations Research 41 (2), 442-465, 2016
A unifying local convergence result for Newton's method in Riemannian manifolds
F Alvarez, J Bolte, J Munier
Foundations of Computational Mathematics 8, 197-226, 2008
Continuous gradient projection method in Hilbert spaces
J Bolte
Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 119, 235-259, 2003
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