Aureliu Sandulescu
Aureliu Sandulescu
Romanian Academy
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Citat de
New type of decay of heavy nuclei intermediate between fission and. cap alpha. decay
A Sandulescu, DN Poenaru, W Greiner
Sov. J. Particles Nucl.(Engl. Transl.);(United States) 11 (6), 1980
Atomic nuclei decay modes by spontaneous emission of heavy ions
DN Poenaru, M Ivașcu, A Sndulescu, W Greiner
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Open quantum systems
A Isar, A Sandulescu, H Scutaru, E Stefanescu, W Scheid
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Open quantum systems and the damping of collective modes in deep inelastic collisions
A Sǎndulescu, H Scutaru
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Synthesis of new elements within the fragmentation theory: application to Z= 104 and 106 elements
A Sǎndulescu, RK Gupta, W Scheid, W Greiner
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Calculated half-lives and kinetic energies for spontaneous emission of heavy ions from nuclei
DN Poenaru, W Greiner, K Depta, M Ivascu, D Mazilu, A Sandulescu
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Cluster decays
A Sandulescu, W Greiner
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Spontaneous emission of heavy clusters
DN Poenaru, M Ivascu, A Sandulescu, W Greiner
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Observation of 10 Be emission in the cold ternary spontaneous fission of 252 Cf
AV Ramayya, JK Hwang, JH Hamilton, A Sandulescu, A Florescu, ...
Physical review letters 81 (5), 947, 1998
Open quantum system of two coupled harmonic oscillators for application in deep inelastic heavy ion collisions
A Sandulescu, H Scutaru, W Scheid
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Evidence for clustering in heavy and superheavy nuclei
DS Delion, A Sandulescu, W Greiner
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Alpha decay as a fission-like process
DN Poenaru, M Ivascu, A Sandulescu
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear Physics 5 (10), L169, 1979
Interaction barriers, nuclear shapes and the optimum choice of a compound nucleus reaction for producing super-heavy elements
RK Gupta, A Sǎndulescu, W Greiner
Physics Letters B 67 (3), 257-261, 1977
Cold (neutronless) α ternary fission of 252 Cf
AV Ramayya, JH Hamilton, JK Hwang, LK Peker, J Kormicki, BRS Babu, ...
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Mass asymmetry in fission, fusion and mass transfer due to the fragmentation in valleys
A Sandulescu, W Greiner
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New decaying mode of heavy nuclei intermediate between nuclear fission and. cap alpha.-decay
A Sehndulesku, DN Poenaru, V Grajner
Fiz. Elem. Chastits At. Yad.;(USSR) 11 (6), 1980
Isotopic yields for the cold fission of Cf 252
A Sandulescu, A Florescu, F Carstoiu, W Greiner, JH Hamilton, ...
Physical Review C 54 (1), 258, 1996
Further possibilities with Pb-targets for synthesizing super-heavy elements
RK Gupta, C Parvulescu, A Sandulescu, W Greiner
Institutul de Fizica si Inginerie Nucleara, 1977
New cold and ultra hot binary and cold ternary spontaneous fission modes for 252Cf and new band structures with gammasphere
JH Hamilton, AV Ramayya, JK Hwang, J Kormicki, BRS Babu, ...
Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics 38, 273-287, 1997
Influence of the nuclear surface diffuseness on exotic cluster decay half-life times
RK Gupta, S Singh, RK Puri, A Sandulescu, W Greiner, W Scheid
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 18 (9), 1533, 1992
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