Paweł Miku¶
Paweł Miku¶
Institute of Nature Conservation, Polish Academy of Sciences
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Macroplastic storage and remobilization in rivers
M Liro, T Emmerik, B Wyżga, J Liro, P Miku¶
Water 12 (7), 2055, 2020
Impact of a large flood on mountain river habitats, channel morphology, and valley infrastructure
H Hajdukiewicz, B Wyżga, P Miku¶, J Zawiejska, A Radecki-Pawlik
Geomorphology 272, 55-67, 2016
Islands in a European mountain river: linkages with large wood deposition, flood flows and plant diversity
P Miku¶, B Wyżga, RJ Kaczka, E Walusiak, J Zawiejska
Geomorphology 202, 115-127, 2013
Interpretation of the invertebrate-based BMWP-PL index in a gravel-bed river: insight from the Polish Carpathians
B Wyżga, P Oglęcki, H Hajdukiewicz, J Zawiejska, A Radecki-Pawlik, ...
Hydrobiologia 712, 71-88, 2013
Floods at the northern foothills of the Tatra Mountains—a Polish-Swiss research project
ZW Kundzewicz, M Stoffel, RJ Kaczka, B Wyżga, T NiedĽwiedĽ, I Pińskwar, ...
Acta Geophysica 62, 620-641, 2014
The role of flood hydrograph in the remobilization of large wood in a wide mountain river
V Ruiz-Villanueva, B Wyżga, P Miku¶, H Hajdukiewicz, M Stoffel
Journal of Hydrology 541, 330-343, 2016
Log transport and deposition in incised, channelized, and multithread reaches of a wide mountain river: Tracking experiment during a 20-year flood
B Wyżga, P Miku¶, J Zawiejska, V Ruiz-Villanueva, RJ Kaczka, W Czech
Geomorphology 279, 98-111, 2017
Response of fish and benthic invertebrate communities to constrained channel conditions in a mountain river: Case study of the Biała, Polish Carpathians
B Wyżga, A Amirowicz, P Oglęcki, H Hajdukiewicz, A Radecki-Pawlik, ...
Limnologica 46, 58-69, 2014
Large wood clogging during floods in a gravel‐bed river: the Długopole bridge in the Czarny Dunajec River, Poland
V Ruiz‐Villanueva, B Wyżga, P Miku¶, M Hajdukiewicz, M Stoffel
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 42 (3), 516-530, 2017
Contrasting patterns of wood storage in mountain watercourses narrower and wider than the height of riparian trees
B Wyżga, J Zawiejska, P Miku¶, RJ Kaczka
Geomorphology 228, 275-285, 2015
Beetle burrows with a terminal chamber: a contribution to the knowledge of the trace fossil Macanopsis in continental sediments
P Miku¶, A Uchman
Palaios 28 (6), 403-413, 2013
Environment-friendly reduction of flood risk and infrastructure damage in a mountain river: case study of the Czarny Dunajec
P Miku¶, B Wyżga, A Radecki-Pawlik, J Zawiejska, A Amirowicz, P Oglęcki
Geomorphology 272, 43-54, 2016
Ecological state of a mountain river before and after a large flood: Implications for river status assessment
H Hajdukiewicz, B Wyżga, A Amirowicz, P Oglęcki, A Radecki-Pawlik, ...
Science of the Total Environment 610, 244-257, 2018
Changes in the hydrodynamics of a mountain river induced by dam reservoir backwater
M Liro, V Ruiz-Villanueva, P Miku¶, B Wyżga, EB Castellet
Science of the Total Environment 744, 140555, 2020
Island development in a mountain river subjected to passive restoration: The Raba River, Polish Carpathians
P Miku¶, B Wyżga, E Walusiak, A Radecki-Pawlik, M Liro, H Hajdukiewicz, ...
Science of the Total Environment 660, 406-420, 2019
Modelling hydraulic parameters of flood flows for a Polish Carpathian river subjected to variable human impacts
A Radecki-Pawlik, B Wyżga, W Czech, P Miku¶, J Zawiejska, ...
Flood risk in the upper Vistula Basin, 127-151, 2016
Ground beetle communities in a mountain river subjected to restoration: The Raba River, Polish Carpathians
AJ Bednarska, B Wyżga, P Miku¶, R Kędzior
Science of the Total Environment 610, 1180-1192, 2018
Scientific monitoring of immediate and long-term effects of river restoration projects in the Polish Carpathians
B Wyżga, A Amirowicz, A Bednarska, A Bylak, H Hajdukiewicz, R Kędzior, ...
Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology 21 (2), 244-255, 2021
Changes of flood risk on the northern foothills of the Tatra Mountains
ZW Kundzewicz, M Stoffel, B Wyżga, V Ruiz-Villanueva, T NiedĽwiedĽ, ...
Acta Geophysica 65, 799-807, 2017
Methods to assess large wood dynamics and the associated flood hazard in Polish Carpathian watercourses of different size
P Miku¶, B Wyżga, V Ruiz-Villanueva, J Zawiejska, RJ Kaczka, M Stoffel
Flood Risk in the Upper Vistula Basin, 77-101, 2016
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