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Dry anaerobic digestion of organic waste: A review of operational parameters and their impact on process performance
I Rocamora, ST Wagland, R Villa, EW Simpson, O Fernández, ...
Bioresource technology 299, 122681, 2020
Degradation of excavated polyethylene and polypropylene waste from landfill
L Canopoli, F Coulon, ST Wagland
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Critical review of real-time methods for solid waste characterisation: Informing material recovery and fuel production
C Vrancken, PJ Longhurst, ST Wagland
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Rare earth elements and critical metal content of extracted landfilled material and potential recovery opportunities
SC Gutiérrez-Gutiérrez, F Coulon, Y Jiang, S Wagland
Waste Management 42, 128-136, 2015
Comparison of coal/solid recovered fuel (SRF) with coal/refuse derived fuel (RDF) in a fluidised bed reactor
ST Wagland, P Kilgallon, R Coveney, A Garg, R Smith, PJ Longhurst, ...
Waste Management 31 (6), 1176-1183, 2011
Test methods to aid in the evaluation of the diversion of biodegradable municipal waste (BMW) from landfill
ST Wagland, SF Tyrrel, AR Godley, R Smith
Waste Management 29 (3), 1218-1226, 2009
Physico-chemical properties of excavated plastic from landfill mining and current recycling routes
L Canopoli, B Fidalgo, F Coulon, ST Wagland
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C Velis, S Wagland, P Longhurst, B Robson, K Sinfield, S Wise, S Pollard
Environmental Science & Technology 46 (3), 1923-1931, 2012
Energy recovery from human faeces via gasification: a thermodynamic equilibrium modelling approach
T Onabanjo, K Patchigolla, ST Wagland, B Fidalgo, A Kolios, E McAdam, ...
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Development of an image-based analysis method to determine the physical composition of a mixed waste material
ST Wagland, F Veltre, PJ Longhurst
Waste Management 32 (2), 245-248, 2012
An experimental investigation of the combustion performance of human faeces
T Onabanjo, AJ Kolios, K Patchigolla, ST Wagland, B Fidalgo, N Jurado, ...
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Solid recovered fuel: materials flow analysis and fuel property development during the mechanical processing of biodried waste
CA Velis, S Wagland, P Longhurst, B Robson, K Sinfield, S Wise, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 47 (6), 2957-2965, 2013
A decision support tool for landfill methane generation and gas collection
H Emkes, F Coulon, S Wagland
Waste Management 43, 307-318, 2015
Conceptual energy and water recovery system for self-sustained nano membrane toilet
DP Hanak, AJ Kolios, T Onabanjo, ST Wagland, K Patchigolla, B Fidalgo, ...
Energy Conversion and Management 126, 352-361, 2016
Evaluating leachate recirculation with cellulase addition to enhance waste biostabilisation and landfill gas production
RR Frank, S Davies, ST Wagland, R Villa, C Trois, F Coulon
Waste management 55, 61-70, 2016
Deep learning in material recovery: Development of method to create training database
C Vrancken, P Longhurst, S Wagland
Expert Systems with Applications 125, 268-280, 2019
Landfill mining from extractive waste facilities: The importance of a correct site characterisation and evaluation of the potentialities. A case study from Italy
GA Dino, P Rossetti, L Perotti, W Alberto, H Sarkka, F Coulon, S Wagland, ...
Resources Policy 59, 50-61, 2018
Compositional and physicochemical changes in waste materials and biogas production across 7 landfill sites in UK
RR Frank, S Cipullo, J Garcia, S Davies, ST Wagland, R Villa, C Trois, ...
Waste Management 63, 11-17, 2017
SMART GROUND Project: SMART data collection and inteGRation platform to enhance availability and accessibility of data and infOrmation in the EU territory on SecoNDary Raw …
GA Dino, P Rossetti, G Biglia, F Coulon, D Gomes, S Wagland, S Luste, ...
Energy Procedia 97, 15-22, 2016
Deoxygenation in anisole decomposition over bimetallic catalysts supported on HZSM-5
J Zhang, B Fidalgo, S Wagland, D Shen, X Zhang, S Gu
Fuel 238, 257-266, 2019
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