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Development of Quality Index Method (QIM) scheme for fresh cod (Gadus morhua) fillets and application in shelf life study
AC Bonilla, K Sveinsdottir, E Martinsdottir
Food control 18 (4), 352-358, 2007
Quality Index Method (QIM) scheme developed for farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
K Sveinsdottir, G Hyldig, E Martinsdottir, B Jørgensen, K Kristbergsson
Food Quality and Preference 14 (3), 237-245, 2003
Application of Quality Index Method (QIM) Scheme in Shelf‐life Study of Farmed Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)
K Sveinsdóttir, E Martinsdóttir, G Hyldig, B Jørgensen, K Kristbergsson
Journal of Food Science 67 (4), 1570-1579, 2002
Effects of rearing temperature and strain on sensory characteristics, texture, colour and fat of Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus)
R Ginés, T Valdimarsdottir, K Sveinsdottir, H Thorarensen
Food quality and preference 15 (2), 177-185, 2004
Sensory characteristics of different cod products related to consumer preferences and attitudes
K Sveinsdóttir, E Martinsdóttir, D Green-Petersen, G Hyldig, R Schelvis, ...
Food Quality and Preference 20 (2), 120-132, 2009
Combined Application of Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Superchilled Storage to Extend the Shelf Life of Fresh Cod (Gadus morhua) Loins
T Wang, K Sveinsdóttir, H Magnússon, E Martinsdóttir
Journal of Food Science 73 (1), S11-S19, 2008
Sensory evaluation of fish freshness
E Martinsdóttir, K Sveinsdottir, J Luten, R Schelvis-Smit, G Hyldig
QIM eurofish, 2001
Reference manual for the fish sector: sensory evaluation of fish freshness
E Martinsdóttir, K Sveinsdottir, J Luten, R Schelvis-Smit, G Hyldig
QIM Eurofish, 2001
The influence of additives and drying methods on quality attributes of fish protein powder made from saithe (Pollachius virens)
GR Shaviklo, G Thorkelsson, S Arason, HG Kristinsson, K Sveinsdottir
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 90 (12), 2133-2143, 2010
Chemical properties and sensory quality of ice cream fortified with fish protein
GR Shaviklo, G Thorkelsson, K Sveinsdottir, F Rafipour
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 91 (7), 1199-1204, 2011
Characterization of Antioxidant Potential of Seaweed Extracts for Enrichment of Convenience Food
RAM Corsetto PA, Montorfano G, Zava S, Colombo I, Ingadottir B, Jonsdottir R ...
Antioxidants 9 (3), 15, 2020
Characteristics of freeze-dried fish protein isolated from saithe (Pollachius virens)
GR Shaviklo, G Thorkelsson, S Arason, K Sveinsdottir
Journal of food science and technology 49, 309-318, 2012
Quality characteristics and consumer acceptance of a high fish protein puffed corn-fish snack
GR Shaviklo, A Olafsdottir, K Sveinsdottir, G Thorkelsson, F Rafipour
Journal of Food Science and Technology 48, 668-676, 2011
Overview on fish quality research-Impact of fish handling, processing, storage and logistics on fish quality deterioration
HL Lauzon, B Margeirsson, K Sveinsdóttir, M Gudjónsdóttir, ...
Skýrsla Matís, 39-10, 2010
Shelf life of air and modified atmosphere‐packaged fresh tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fillets stored under chilled and superchilled conditions
O Cyprian, HL Lauzon, R Jóhannsson, K Sveinsdóttir, S Arason, ...
Food science & nutrition 1 (2), 130-140, 2013
Effect of Brining, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, and Superchilling on the Shelf Life of Cod (Gadus morhua) Loins
HL Lauzon, H Magnússon, K Sveinsdóttir, M Gudjónsdóttir, E Martinsdóttir
Journal of Food Science 74 (6), M258-M267, 2009
Effects of temperature during frozen storage on lipid deterioration of saithe (Pollachius virens) and hoki (Macruronus novaezelandiae) muscles
MG Karlsdottir, K Sveinsdottir, HG Kristinsson, D Villot, BD Craft, S Arason
Food Chemistry 156, 234-242, 2014
Application of quality index method (QIM) scheme and effects of short-time temperature abuse in shelf life study of fresh water arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus)
OO Cyprian, K Sveinsdóttir, H Magnússon, E Martinsdóttir
Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology 17 (3), 303-321, 2008
Keeping quality of desalted cod fillets in consumer packs
H Magnússon, K Sveinsdóttir, HL Lauzon, ÁS Thorkelsdóttir, ...
Journal of food science 71 (2), M69-M76, 2006
Sensory attributes of haddock balls affected by added fish protein isolate and frozen storage
GR Shaviklo, S Arason, G Thorkelsson, K Sveinsdottir, E Martinsdottir
Journal of Sensory Studies 25 (3), 316-331, 2010
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