Alexandru-Ionut PETRISOR
Alexandru-Ionut PETRISOR
Alte numeAlexandru I. PETRISOR, PETRISOR Alexandru-Ionut, A.-I. PETRISOR
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Land cover and use changes focused on the urbanization processes in Romania.
AI Petrișor, I Ianoș, C Tălângă
Environmental Engineering & Management Journal (EEMJ) 9 (6), 765-771, 2010
Degradation of coastlines under the pressure of urbanization and tourism: Evidence on the change of land systems from Europe, Asia and Africa
AI Petrișor, W Hamma, HD Nguyen, G Randazzo, A Muzirafuti, MI Stan, ...
Land 9 (8), 275, 2020
Using CORINE data to look at deforestation in Romania: Distribution & possible consequences
AI Petrișor
Urbanism Architecture Constructions 6 (1), 83-90, 2015
Applications of principal component analysis integrated with GIS
AI Petrișor, I Ianoș, D Iurea, MN Văidianu
Procedia Environmental Sciences 14, 247-256, 2012
Assessing the fragmentation of the green infrastructure in Romanian cities using fractal models and numerical taxonomy
AI Petrișor, IC Andronache, LE Petrișor, AM Ciobotaru, D Peptenatu
Procedia Environmental Sciences 32, 110-123, 2016
Dynamics of geodiversity and eco-diversity in territorial systems
AI Petrișor, CN Sârbu
Journal of Urban & Regional Analysis 2 (1), 61-70, 2010
The different consuming of primary eco-energies and their degradation in territorial systems
I Ianoș, AI Petrișor, IV Stoica, CN Sârbu, D Zamfir, AL Cercleux
Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences 6 (2), 251-260, 2011
Multi-, trans-and inter-disciplinarity, essential conditions for the sustainable development of human habitat
AI Petrișor
Urbanism Architecture Constructions 4 (2), 43-50, 2013
Trends in the national and regional transitional dynamics of land cover and use changes in Romania
AI Petrișor, I Sirodoev, I Ianoș
Remote Sensing 12 (2), 230, 2020
Difficulties in achieving social sustainability in a biosphere reserve
AI Petrisor, R Petre, V Meita
International Journal of Conservation Science 7 (1), 123-136, 2016
In search of a relevant index measuring territorial disparities in a transition country. Romania as a case study
I Ianoș, AI Petrișor, D Zamfir, AL Cercleux, IV Stoica, C Tălângă
Die Erde–Journal of the Geographical Society of Berlin 144 (1), 69-81, 2013
Levels of biological diversity: a spatial approach to assessment methods
AI Petrișor
Romanian Review of Regional Studies 4 (1), 41-62, 2008
The theory and practice of urban and spatial planning in Romania
AI Petrișor
SAJ-Serbian Architectural Journal 2 (2), 139-154, 2010
Long-term environmental changes analysis using CORINE data
AI Petrișor, M Grigorovschi, V Meiță, CP Simion-Melinte
Environmental Engineering & Management Journal (EEMJ) 13 (4), 847-860, 2014
A diversity-based approach to the spatial development of socio-ecological systems
AI Petrisor
Urbanism Architecture Constructions 8 (2), 143-162, 2017
Assessment of the green infrastructure of Bucharest using CORINE and Urban Atlas data
AI Petrișor
Urbanism Architecture Constructions 6 (2), 19-24, 2015
Land cover and land use analysis of urban growth in Romania
AI Petrișor
Human Geographies 6 (1), 47-51, 2012
Evolving strategies of the predatory journals
AI Petrișor
Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science 21 (1), 2016
The shifting relationship between urban and spatial planning and the protection of the environment: Romania as a case study
AI Petrișor, LE Petrișor
Present Environment and Sustainable Development 7 (1), 268-276, 2013
Influence of land use on avian diversity in North African urban environments
HA Aouissi, AI Petrișor, M Ababsa, M Boștenaru-Dan, M Tourki, ...
Land 10 (4), 434, 2021
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