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Bioactive peptides from meat muscle and by-products: generation, functionality and application as functional ingredients
T Lafarga, M Hayes
Meat Science 98 (2), 227-239, 2014
Spirulina for the food and functional food industries
T Lafarga, JM Fernández-Sevilla, C González-López, ...
Food Research International 137, 109356, 2020
Identification of novel dipeptidyl peptidase-IV and angiotensin-I-converting enzyme inhibitory peptides from meat proteins using in silico analysis
T Lafarga, P O’Connor, M Hayes
Peptides 59 (1), 53-62, 2014
Bioactive peptides and carbohydrates from seaweed for food applications: Natural occurrence, isolation, purification, and identification
T Lafarga, FG Acién-Fernández, M Garcia-Vaquero
Algal research 48, 101909, 2020
Effect of microalgal biomass incorporation into foods: Nutritional and sensorial attributes of the end products
T Lafarga
Algal Research 41 (1), 101566, 2019
Bioactive protein hydrolysates in the functional food ingredient industry: Overcoming current challenges
T Lafarga, M Hayes
Food Reviews International 33 (3), 217-246, 2017
Characterization of functional properties of proteins from Ganxet beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L. var. Ganxet) isolated using an ultrasound-assisted methodology
T Lafarga, C Álvarez, G Bobo, I Aguiló-Aguayo
LWT 98 (1), 106-112, 2018
Effect of microalgae incorporation on the physicochemical, nutritional, and sensorial properties of an innovative broccoli soup
T Lafarga, FG Acién-Fernández, M Castellari, S Villaró, G Bobo, ...
LWT 111 (1), 167-174, 2019
Predicted Release and Analysis of Novel ACE-I, Renin, and DPP-IV Inhibitory Peptides from Common Oat (Avena sativa) Protein Hydrolysates Using in Silico …
S Bleakley, M Hayes, N O’Shea, E Gallagher, T Lafarga
Foods 6 (12), 108, 2017
In silico methods to identify meat-derived prolyl endopeptidase inhibitors
T Lafarga, P O’Connor, M Hayes
Food Chemistry 175 (1), 337-343, 2015
Cultured microalgae and compounds derived thereof for food applications: Strain selection and cultivation, drying, and processing strategies
T Lafarga
Food Reviews International 36 (6), 559-583, 2020
Identification of bioactive peptides from a papain hydrolysate of bovine serum albumin and assessment of an antihypertensive effect in spontaneously hypertensive rats
T Lafarga, RE Aluko, DK Rai, P O'Connor, M Hayes
Food Research International 81 (1), 91-99, 2016
Optimisation of the pH and boiling conditions needed to obtain improved foaming and emulsifying properties of chickpea aquafaba using a response surface methodology
T Lafarga, S Villaró, G Bobo, I Aguiló-Aguayo
International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science 18 (1), 100177, 2019
Effect of steaming and sous vide processing on the total phenolic content, vitamin C and antioxidant potential of the genus Brassica
T Lafarga, I Viñas, G Bobo, J Simó, I Aguiló-Aguayo
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 47 (1), 412-420, 2018
Year-long production of Scenedesmus almeriensis in pilot-scale raceway and thin-layer cascade photobioreactors
A Morillas-España, T Lafarga, C Gómez-Serrano, FG Acién-Fernández, ...
Algal Research 51, 102069, 2020
Bioaccessibility and antioxidant activity of phenolic compounds in cooked pulses
T Lafarga, S Villaró, G Bobo, J Simó, I Aguiló‐Aguayo
International Journal of Food Science & Technology 54 (5), 1816-1823, 2019
Effects of thermal and non-thermal processing of cruciferous vegetables on glucosinolates and its derived forms
T Lafarga, G Bobo, I Viñas, C Collazo, I Aguiló-Aguayo
Journal of Food Science and Technology 55 (6), 1973-1981, 2018
Microalgae derived astaxanthin: research and consumer trends and industrial use as food
S Villaró, M Ciardi, A Morillas-España, A Sánchez-Zurano, ...
Foods 10 (10), 2303, 2021
Consumer knowledge and attitudes towards microalgae as food: The case of Spain
T Lafarga, R Rodríguez-Bermúdez, A Morillas-España, S Villaró, ...
Algal Research 54, 102174, 2021
Strategies to reduce microbial risk and improve quality of fresh and processed strawberries: A review
T Lafarga, P Colás-Medà, M Abadias, I Aguiló-Aguayo, G Bobo, I Viñas
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 52 (1), 197-212, 2019
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