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Climate variability and associated vegetation response throughout Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) between 60 and 8 ka
A Feurdean, A Perșoiu, I Tanțău, T Stevens, EK Magyari, BP Onac, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 106, 206-224, 2014
Danube loess stratigraphy—Towards a pan-European loess stratigraphic model
SB Markoviæ, T Stevens, GJ Kukla, U Hambach, KE Fitzsimmons, ...
Earth-Science Reviews 148, 228-258, 2015
Optical dating of Romanian loess using fine-grained quartz
A Timar, D Vandenberghe, EC Panaiotu, CG Panaiotu, C Necula, ...
Quaternary Geochronology 5 (2-3), 143-148, 2010
Optical dating of Romanian loess: a comparison between silt-sized and sand-sized quartz
A Timar-Gabor, DAG Vandenberghe, S Vasiliniuc, CE Panaoitu, ...
Quaternary International 240 (1-2), 62-70, 2011
FT-IR, Raman and thermoluminescence investigation of P2O5–BaO–Li2O glass system
C Ivascu, AT Gabor, O Cozar, L Daraban, I Ardelean
Journal of Molecular Structure 993 (1-3), 249-253, 2011
Origin of the forest steppe and exceptional grassland diversity in Transylvania (central‐eastern Europe)
A Feurdean, E Marinova, AB Nielsen, J Liakka, D Veres, SM Hutchinson, ...
Journal of Biogeography 42 (5), 951-963, 2015
On natural and laboratory generated dose response curves for quartz of different grain sizes from Romanian loess
A Timar-Gabor, AG Wintle
Quaternary Geochronology 18, 34-40, 2013
High-resolution OSL dating of the Costinești section (Dobrogea, SE Romania) using fine and coarse quartz
D Constantin, R Begy, S Vasiliniuc, C Panaiotu, C Necula, V Codrea, ...
Quaternary International 334, 20-29, 2014
Investigations into the reliability of SAR-OSL equivalent doses obtained for quartz samples displaying dose response curves with more than one component
A Timar-Gabor, Ș Vasiliniuc, DAG Vandenberghe, C Cosma, AG Wintle
Radiation Measurements 47 (9), 740-745, 2012
Testing the potential of elevated temperature post-IR IRSL signals for dating Romanian loess
Ș Vasiliniuc, DAG Vandenberghe, A Timar-Gabor, C Panaiotu, C Cosma, ...
Quaternary Geochronology 10, 75-80, 2012
Recent changes in Red Lake (Romania) sedimentation rate determined from depth profiles of 210Pb and 137Cs radioisotopes
R Begy, C Cosma, A Timar
Journal of environmental radioactivity 100 (8), 644-648, 2009
The Campanian Ignimbrite/Y5 tephra layer–A regional stratigraphic marker for Isotope Stage 3 deposits in the Lower Danube region, Romania
D Veres, CS Lane, A Timar-Gabor, U Hambach, D Constantin, A Szakács, ...
Quaternary International 293, 22-33, 2013
Environmental dynamics and luminescence chronology from the Orlovat loess–palaeosol sequence (Vojvodina, northern Serbia)
SB Markoviæ, A TIMAR‐GABOR, T Stevens, U Hambach, D Popov, ...
Journal of Quaternary Science 29 (2), 189-199, 2014
The latest explosive eruptions of Ciomadul (Csomád) volcano, East Carpathians—a tephrostratigraphic approach for the 51–29 ka BP time interval
D Karátson, S Wulf, D Veres, EK Magyari, R Gertisser, A Timar-Gabor, ...
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 319, 29-51, 2016
SAR-OSL dating of different grain-sized quartz from a sedimentary section in southern Romania interbedding the Campanian Ignimbrite/Y5 ash layer
D Constantin, A Timar-Gabor, D Veres, R Begy, C Cosma
Quaternary Geochronology 10, 81-86, 2012
A high resolution optical dating study of the Mostiștea loess-palaeosol sequence (SE Romania) using sand-sized quartz
Ș Vasiliniuc, A Timar-Gabor, DAG Vandenberghe, CG Panaiotu, RC Begy, ...
Geochronometria 38 (1), 34-41, 2011
The potential of luminescence signals from electronic components for accident dosimetry
A Pascu, S Vasiliniuc, M Zeciu-Dolha, A Timar-Gabor
Radiation measurements 56, 384-388, 2013
On the importance of grain size in luminescence dating using quartz
A Timar-Gabor, JP Buylaert, B Guralnik, O Trandafir-Antohi, D Constantin, ...
Radiation Measurements 106, 464-471, 2017
Thermoluminescence and optically stimulated luminescence properties of the 0.5 P2O5–xBaO–(0.5− x) Li2O glass systems
A Timar-Gabor, C Ivascu, S Vasiliniuc, L Daraban, I Ardelean, C Cosma, ...
Applied Radiation and Isotopes 69 (5), 780-784, 2011
Holocene evolution of the Danube delta: An integral reconstruction and a revised chronology
A Vespremeanu-Stroe, F Zăinescu, L Preoteasa, F Tătui, S Rotaru, ...
Marine Geology 388, 38-61, 2017
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