Tudor Tămaș
Tudor Tămaș
Babeș-Bolyai University, Dept. of Geology
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Climate variability and associated vegetation response throughout Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) between 60 and 8 ka
A Feurdean, A Perșoiu, T Stevens, I Tanțău, E Magyari, B Onac, ...
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T Tămaș, BP Onac, AV Bojar
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Mineralogy of Iza Cave (Rodnei Mountains, N. Romania)
T Tămaș, F Kristály, L Barbu-Tudoran
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Color-specific porosity in double pigmented natural 3d-nanoarchitectures of blue crab shell
F Nekvapil, SC Pinzaru, L Barbu–Tudoran, M Suciu, B Glamuzina, ...
Scientific Reports 10, 16, 2020
Diversity and Biomineralization Potential of the Epilithic Bacterial Communities Inhabiting the Oldest Public Stone Monument of Cluj-Napoca (Transylvania, Romania)
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DM Cleary, BP Onac, I Tanțău, FL Forray, JG Wynn, M Ionita, T Tămaș
Journal of Quaternary Science 33 (6), 677-688, 2018
Hypersaline sapropels act as hotspots for microbial dark matter
AȘ Andrei, A Baricz, MS Robeson, MR Păușan, T Tămaș, C Chiriac, ...
Scientific Reports 7, 2017
The mineral assemblage of caves within Șălitrari Mountain (Cerna Valley, SW Romania): depositional environment and speleogenetic implications
CM Pușcaș, BP Onac, T Tămaș
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Hydrothermal paleokarst in Pestera din Valea Rea (Bihor Mountains, Romania)
L Ghergari, T Tamas, P Damm, F Forray
Theoretical and Applied Karstology 10, 115-125, 1997
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