samia ainouz
samia ainouz
Professeur des Universités, INSA de Rouen
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Citat de
Optimal configurations for imaging polarimeters: impact of image noise and systematic errors
J Zallat, S Aïnouz, MP Stoll
Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 8 (9), 807, 2006
Road scenes analysis in adverse weather conditions by polarization-encoded images and adapted deep learning
R Blin, S Ainouz, S Canu, F Meriaudeau
2019 IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (ITSC), 27-32, 2019
Physical interpretation of polarization-encoded images by color preview
S Aïnouz, J Zallat, A de Martino, C Collet
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Temporal contrastive pretraining for video action recognition
G Lorre, J Rabarisoa, A Orcesi, S Ainouz, S Canu
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A robust cost function for stereo matching of road scenes
A Miron, S Ainouz, A Rogozan, A Bensrhair
Pattern Recognition Letters 38, 70-77, 2014
Direct estimation of fetal head circumference from ultrasound images based on regression CNN
J Zhang, C Petitjean, P Lopez, S Ainouz
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Specularity removal: A global energy minimization approach based on polarization imaging
F Wang, S Ainouz, C Petitjean, A Bensrhair
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Intensity self similarity features for pedestrian detection in far-infrared images
A Miron, B Besbes, A Rogozan, S Ainouz, A Bensrhair
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Current state of the art of vision based SLAM
N Muhammad, D Fofi, S Ainouz
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A new multimodal RGB and polarimetric image dataset for road scenes analysis
R Blin, S Ainouz, S Canu, F Meriaudeau
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Multimodality semantic segmentation based on polarization and color images
F Wang, S Ainouz, C Lian, A Bensrhair
Neurocomputing 253, 193-200, 2017
Unsupervised domain adaptation for person re-identification through source-guided pseudo-labeling
F Dubourvieux, R Audigier, A Loesch, S Ainouz, S Canu
2020 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), 4957-4964, 2021
Explainability for regression CNN in fetal head circumference estimation from ultrasound images
J Zhang, C Petitjean, F Yger, S Ainouz
Interpretable and Annotation-Efficient Learning for Medical Image Computing …, 2020
Kappa loss for skin lesion segmentation in fully convolutional network
J Zhang, C Petitjean, S Ainouz
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Polarization-based car detection
W Fan, S Ainouz, F Meriaudeau, A Bensrhair
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An evaluation of the pedestrian classification in a multi-domain multi-modality setup
A Miron, A Rogozan, S Ainouz, A Bensrhair, A Broggi
Sensors 15 (6), 13851-13873, 2015
Adaptive processing of catadioptric images using polarization imaging: towards a pola-catadioptric model
S Ainouz, O Morel, D Fofi, S Mosaddegh, A Bensrhair
Optical engineering 52 (3), 037001-037001, 2013
Cross-comparison census for colour stereo matching applied to intelligent vehicle
A Miron, S Ainouz, A Rogozan, A Bensrhair
Electronics letters 48 (24), 1530-1532, 2012
Polarization-based specularity removal method with global energy minimization
F Wang, S Ainouz, C Petitjean, A Bensrhair
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Adapted learning for polarization-based car detection
R Blin, S Ainouz, S Canu, F Meriaudeau
Fourteenth International Conference on Quality Control by Artificial Vision …, 2019
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