Carlos Sagues
Carlos Sagues
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Surf features for efficient robot localization with omnidirectional images
AC Murillo, JJ Guerrero, C Sagues
Proceedings 2007 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation …, 2007
Vision-based distributed formation control without an external positioning system
E Montijano, E Cristofalo, D Zhou, M Schwager, C Saguees
IEEE Transactions on Robotics 32 (2), 339-351, 2016
Distributed consensus on robot networks for dynamically merging feature-based maps
R Aragues, J Cortes, C Sagues
IEEE Transactions on Robotics 28 (4), 840-854, 2012
Homography-based control scheme for mobile robots with nonholonomic and field-of-view constraints
G López-Nicolás, NR Gans, S Bhattacharya, C Sagüés, JJ Guerrero, ...
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part B (Cybernetics) 40 …, 2009
A sliding-mode-control law for mobile robots based on epipolar visual servoing from three views
HM Becerra, G López-Nicolás, C Sagüés
IEEE Transactions on Robotics 27 (1), 175-183, 2011
Visual door detection integrating appearance and shape cues
AC Murillo, J Ko¹ecká, JJ Guerrero, C Sagüés
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 56 (6), 512-521, 2008
Human-computer interaction based on hand gestures using RGB-D sensors
JM Palacios, C Sagüés, E Montijano, S Llorente
Sensors 13 (9), 11842-11860, 2013
Distributed algebraic connectivity estimation for adaptive event-triggered consensus
R Aragues, G Shi, DV Dimarogonas, C Sagues, KH Johansson
2012 American Control Conference (ACC), 32-37, 2012
From omnidirectional images to hierarchical localization
AC Murillo, C Sagüés, JJ Guerrero, T Goedemé, T Tuytelaars, L Van Gool
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 55 (5), 372-382, 2007
A new model of electromechanical relays for predicting the motion and electromagnetic dynamics
E Ramirez-Laboreo, C Sagues, S Llorente
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 52 (3), 2545-2553, 2016
Formation control of mobile robots using multiple aerial cameras
M Aranda, G López-Nicolás, C Sagüés, Y Mezouar
IEEE Transactions on Robotics 31 (4), 1064-1071, 2015
Localization and matching using the planar trifocal tensor with bearing-only data
JJ Guerrero, AC Murillo, C Sagüés
IEEE Transactions on Robotics 24 (2), 494-501, 2008
Robust discrete time dynamic average consensus
E Montijano, JI Montijano, C Sagüés, S Martínez
Automatica 50 (12), 3131-3138, 2014
Survey on multi-robot manipulation of deformable objects
R Herguedas, G López-Nicolás, R Aragüés, C Sagüés
2019 24th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory …, 2019
Switching visual control based on epipoles for mobile robots
G López-Nicolás, C Sagüés, JJ Guerrero, D Kragic, P Jensfelt
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 56 (7), 592-603, 2008
Distributed coverage estimation and control for multirobot persistent tasks
JM Palacios-Gasós, E Montijano, C Sagüés, S Llorente
IEEE transactions on Robotics 32 (6), 1444-1460, 2016
Visual control through the trifocal tensor for nonholonomic robots
G López-Nicolás, JJ Guerrero, C Sagüés
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 58 (2), 216-226, 2010
Visual correction for mobile robot homing
C Sagüés, JJ Guerrero
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 50 (1), 41-49, 2005
Distributed formation control without a global reference frame
E Montijano, D Zhou, M Schwager, C Sagues
2014 American Control Conference, 3862-3867, 2014
Distributed algebraic connectivity estimation for undirected graphs with upper and lower bounds
R Aragues, G Shi, DV Dimarogonas, C Sagüés, KH Johansson, ...
Automatica 50 (12), 3253-3259, 2014
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