Mick Whelan
Mick Whelan
Professor of Environmental Science, University of Leicester
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Phosphorus activators contribute to legacy phosphorus availability in agricultural soils: A review
J Zhu, M Li, M Whelan
Science of the Total Environment 612, 522-537, 2018
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M Capdevielle, R Van Egmond, M Whelan, D Versteeg, ...
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C Sparham, R Van Egmond, S O’Connor, C Hastie, M Whelan, R Kanda, ...
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Importance of long-term monitoring for detecting environmental change: lessons from a lowland river in south east England
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Spatial patterns of throughfall and mineral ion deposition in a lowland Norway spruce (Picea abies) plantation at the plot scale
MJ Whelan, LJ Sanger, M Baker, JM Anderson
Atmospheric Environment 32 (20), 3493-3501, 1998
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Long-term monitoring of river water nitrate: how much data do we need?
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A modelling assessment of the atmospheric fate of volatile methyl siloxanes and their reaction products
MJ Whelan, E Estrada, R Van Egmond
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Modelling long-term diffuse nitrate pollution at the catchment-scale: data, parameter and epistemic uncertainty
NJK Howden, TP Burt, SA Mathias, F Worrall, MJ Whelan
Journal of hydrology 403 (3-4), 337-351, 2011
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