Taher Armaghani
Taher Armaghani
Assistant Professor at IAU
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Entropy generation and MHD natural convection of a nanofluid in an inclined square porous cavity: effects of a heat sink and source size and location
AM Rashad, T Armaghani, AJ Chamkha, MA Mansour
Chinese journal of physics 56 (1), 193-211, 2018
Conjugate heat transfer and entropy generation in a cavity filled with a nanofluid-saturated porous media and heated by a triangular solid
MA Ismael, T Armaghani, AJ Chamkha
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 59, 138-151, 2016
Effects of heat sink and source and entropy generation on MHD mixed convection of a Cu-water nanofluid in a lid-driven square porous enclosure with partial slip
AJ Chamkha, AM Rashad, MA Mansour, T Armaghani, M Ghalambaz
Physics of Fluids 29 (5), 2017
A comprehensive review on mixed convection of nanofluids in various shapes of enclosures
S Izadi, T Armaghani, R Ghasemiasl, AJ Chamkha, M Molana
Powder Technology 343, 880-907, 2019
Entropy generation and natural convection of CuO-water nanofluid in C-shaped cavity under magnetic field
A Chamkha, M Ismael, A Kasaeipoor, T Armaghani
Entropy 18 (2), 50, 2016
Numerical investigation of water-alumina nanofluid natural convection heat transfer and entropy generation in a baffled L-shaped cavity
T Armaghani, A Kasaeipoor, N Alavi, MM Rashidi
Journal of Molecular Liquids 223, 243-251, 2016
Natural convection analysis in a cavity with an inclined elliptical heater subject to shape factor of nanoparticles and magnetic field
AS Dogonchi, T Armaghani, AJ Chamkha, DD Ganji
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 44, 7919-7931, 2019
Effects of partial slip on entropy generation and MHD combined convection in a lid-driven porous enclosure saturated with a Cu–water nanofluid
AJ Chamkha, AM Rashad, T Armaghani, MA Mansour
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 132, 1291-1306, 2018
Forced convection heat transfer of nanofluids in a porous channel
MJ Maghrebi, M Nazari, T Armaghani
Transport in porous media 93, 401-413, 2012
Investigation of hydrothermal behavior of Fe3O4-H2O nanofluid natural convection in a novel shape of porous cavity subjected to magnetic field dependent (MFD) viscosity
M Molana, AS Dogonchi, T Armaghani, AJ Chamkha, DD Ganji, I Tlili
Journal of Energy Storage 30, 101395, 2020
MHD mixed convection of localized heat source/sink in an Al2O3-Cu/water hybrid nanofluid in L-shaped cavity
T Armaghani, MS Sadeghi, AM Rashad, MA Mansour, AJ Chamkha, ...
Alexandria Engineering Journal 60 (3), 2947-2962, 2021
Magnetohydrodynamic mixed convection and entropy analysis of nanofluid in gamma-shaped porous cavity
AJ Chamkha, MA Mansour, AM Rashad, H Kargarsharifabad, ...
Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer 34 (4), 836-847, 2020
On the natural convection of nanofluids in diverse shapes of enclosures: an exhaustive review
MS Sadeghi, N Anadalibkhah, R Ghasemiasl, T Armaghani, AS Dogonchi, ...
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 1-22, 2020
MHD mixed convection and entropy generation of nanofluid in a lid-driven U-shaped cavity with internal heat and partial slip
AM Rashad, MA Mansour, T Armaghani, AJ Chamkha
Physics of Fluids 31 (4), 2019
MHD natural convection and entropy analysis of a nanofluid inside T-shaped baffled enclosure
T Armaghani, A Kasaeipoor, M Izadi, I Pop
International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow 28 (12 …, 2018
Analysis of hydrothermal characteristics of magnetic Al2O3‐H2O nanofluid within a novel wavy enclosure during natural convection process considering internal …
MS Sadeghi, T Tayebi, AS Dogonchi, T Armaghani, P Talebizadehsardari
Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, 2020
Impact of magnetic field and entropy generation of Casson fluid on double diffusive natural convection in staggered cavity
S Hussain, S Shoeibi, T Armaghani
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 127, 105520, 2021
MHD free convection heat transfer of a water–Fe3O4 nanofluid in a baffled C-shaped enclosure
A Abedini, T Armaghani, AJ Chamkha
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 135 (1), 685-695, 2019
Inclined magneto: convection, internal heat, and entropy generation of nanofluid in an I-shaped cavity saturated with porous media
T Armaghani, A Chamkha, AM Rashad, MA Mansour
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 142 (6), 2273-2285, 2020
Two-phase nanofluid model and magnetic field effects on mixed convection in a lid-driven cavity containing heated triangular wall
AI Alsabery, T Armaghani, AJ Chamkha, I Hashim
Alexandria Engineering Journal 59 (1), 129-148, 2020
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