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Oncogene-induced senescence is part of the tumorigenesis barrier imposed by DNA damage checkpoints
J Bartkova, N Rezaei, M Liontos, P Karakaidos, D Kletsas, N Issaeva, ...
Nature 444 (7119), 633-637, 2006
Specific lipofuscin staining as a novel biomarker to detect replicative and stress-induced senescence. A method applicable in cryo-preserved and archival tissues
EA Georgakopoulou, K Tsimaratou, K Evangelou, MPJ Fernandez, ...
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Deregulated overexpression of hCdt1 and hCdc6 promotes malignant behavior
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Cornus mas L.(cornelian cherry), an important European and Asian traditional food and medicine: Ethnomedicine, phytochemistry and pharmacology for its commercial utilization in …
B Dinda, AM Kyriakopoulos, S Dinda, V Zoumpourlis, NS Thomaidis, ...
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The molecular basis of fertilization
K Georgadaki, N Khoury, DA Spandidos, V Zoumpourlis
International journal of molecular medicine 38 (4), 979-986, 2016
Environmental factors and genetic susceptibility promote urinary bladder cancer
D Volanis, T Kadiyska, A Galanis, D Delakas, S Logotheti, V Zoumpourlis
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The role of ATF‐2 in oncogenesis
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Allelotype of squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck: fractional allele loss correlates with survival
JK Field, H Kiaris, JM Risk, C Tsiriyotis, R Adamson, V Zoumpourlis, ...
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Protective role of taurine against oxidative stress
S Baliou, M Adamaki, P Ioannou, A Pappa, MI Panayiotidis, ...
Molecular medicine reports 24 (2), 1-19, 2021
Comparative Evaluation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells of Fetal (Wharton′s Jelly) and Adult (Adipose Tissue) Origin during Prolonged In Vitro Expansion …
I Christodoulou, FN Kolisis, D Papaevangeliou, V Zoumpourlis
Stem cells international 2013 (1), 246134, 2013
JNK: a key modulator of intracellular signaling
S Vlahopoulos, VC Zoumpourlis
Biochemistry (Moscow) 69, 844-854, 2004
Functional interplay between the DNA-damage-response kinase ATM and ARF tumour suppressor protein in human cancer
G Velimezi, M Liontos, K Vougas, T Roumeliotis, J Bartkova, M Sideridou, ...
Nature cell biology 15 (8), 967-977, 2013
p53 activates ICAM‐1 (CD54) expression in an NF‐κB‐independent manner
VG Gorgoulis, P Zacharatos, A Kotsinas, D Kletsas, G Mariatos, ...
The EMBO journal, 2003
High levels of phosphorylated c-Jun, Fra-1, Fra-2 and ATF-2 proteins correlate with malignant phenotypes in the multistage mouse skin carcinogenesis model
V Zoumpourlis, P Papassava, S Linardopoulos, D Gillespie, A Balmain, ...
Oncogene 19 (35), 4011-4021, 2000
A tumor-protective role for human kallikrein-related peptidase 6 in breast cancer mediated by inhibition of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition
G Pampalakis, E Prosnikli, T Agalioti, A Vlahou, V Zoumpourlis, ...
Cancer research 69 (9), 3779-3787, 2009
The role of isothiocyanates as cancer chemo-preventive, chemo-therapeutic and anti-melanoma agents
M Mitsiogianni, G Koutsidis, N Mavroudis, DT Trafalis, S Botaitis, R Franco, ...
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Mesenchymal stem cells in preclinical cancer cytotherapy: a systematic review
I Christodoulou, M Goulielmaki, M Devetzi, M Panagiotidis, G Koliakos, ...
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SRC-induced disassembly of adherens junctions requires localized phosphorylation and degradation of the rac activator tiam1
SA Woodcock, C Rooney, M Liontos, Y Connolly, V Zoumpourlis, ...
Molecular cell 33 (5), 639-653, 2009
[Comment] The COVID‑19 pandemic as a scientific and social challenge in the 21st century
V Zoumpourlis, M Goulielmaki, E Rizos, S Baliou, DA Spandidos
Molecular medicine reports 22 (4), 3035-3048, 2020
Alterations in signal transduction pathways implicated in tumour progression during multistage mouse skin carcinogenesis
V Zoumpourlis, S Solakidi, A Papathoma, D Papaevangeliou
Carcinogenesis 24 (7), 1159-1165, 2003
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