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Alexandra M Deaconescu
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Structural basis for bacterial transcription-coupled DNA repair
AM Deaconescu, AL Chambers, AJ Smith, BE Nickels, A Hochschild, ...
Cell 124 (3), 507-520, 2006
Molecular basis for age-dependent microtubule acetylation by tubulin acetyltransferase
A Szyk, AM Deaconescu, J Spector, B Goodman, ML Valenstein, ...
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Severing enzymes amplify microtubule arrays through lattice GTP-tubulin incorporation
A Vemu, E Szczesna, EA Zehr, JO Spector, N Grigorieff, AM Deaconescu, ...
Science 361 (6404), eaau1504, 2018
Adenomatous polyposis coli protein nucleates actin assembly and synergizes with the formin mDia1
K Okada, F Bartolini, AM Deaconescu, JB Moseley, Z Dogic, N Grigorieff, ...
Journal of cell biology 189 (7), 1087-1096, 2010
Tubulin tyrosine ligase structure reveals adaptation of an ancient fold to bind and modify tubulin
A Szyk, AM Deaconescu, G Piszczek, A Roll-Mecak
Nature structural & molecular biology 18 (11), 1250-1258, 2011
Mfd dynamically regulates transcription via a release and catch-up mechanism
TT Le, Y Yang, C Tan, MM Suhanovsky, RM Fulbright, JT Inman, M Li, ...
Cell 172 (1), 344-357. e15, 2018
Nucleotide excision repair (NER) machinery recruitment by the transcription-repair coupling factor involves unmasking of a conserved intramolecular interface
AM Deaconescu, A Sevostyanova, I Artsimovitch, N Grigorieff
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (9), 3353-3358, 2012
The bacterial transcription repair coupling factor
AM Deaconescu, N Savery, SA Darst
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X‐ray structure of Saccharomyces cerevisiae homologous mitochondrial matrix factor 1 (Hmf1)
AM Deaconescu, A Roll‐Mecak, JB Bonanno, SE Gerchman, H Kycia, ...
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 48 (2), 431-436, 2002
Regulation of Microtubule Assembly by Tau and not by Pin1
S Kutter, T Eichner, AM Deaconescu, D Kern
Journal of molecular biology 428 (9), 1742-1759, 2016
Molecular determinants for dsDNA translocation by the transcription-repair coupling and evolvability factor Mfd
C Brugger, C Zhang, MM Suhanovsky, DD Kim, AN Sinclair, D Lyumkis, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 3740, 2020
Structural basis for inhibition of a response regulator of σS stability by a ClpXP antiadaptor
V Dorich, C Brugger, A Tripathi, JR Hoskins, S Tong, MM Suhanovsky, ...
Genes & development 33 (11-12), 718-732, 2019
Crystallization and preliminary structure determination of Escherichia coli Mfd, the transcription-repair coupling factor
AM Deaconescu, SA Darst
Acta Crystallographica Section F: Structural Biology and Crystallization …, 2005
SARS-CoV-2 Susceptibility and ACE2 Gene Variations Within Diverse Ethnic Backgrounds
N Vadgama, A Kreymerman, J Campbell, O Shamardina, C Brugger, ...
Frontiers in Genetics 13, 888025, 2022
Interplay of DNA repair with transcription: from structures to mechanisms
AM Deaconescu, I Artsimovitch, N Grigorieff
Trends in biochemical sciences 37 (12), 543-552, 2012
From Mfd to TRCF and Back Again—A Perspective on Bacterial Transcription‐coupled Nucleotide Excision Repair
AM Deaconescu, MM Suhanovsky
Photochemistry and photobiology 93 (1), 268-279, 2017
RNA polymerase between lesion bypass and DNA repair
AM Deaconescu
Cellular and molecular life sciences 70, 4495-4509, 2013
Mfd–at the crossroads of bacterial DNA repair, transcriptional regulation and molecular evolvability
AM Deaconescu
Transcription 12 (4), 156-170, 2021
Phospho‐dependent signaling during the general stress response by the atypical response regulator and ClpXP adaptor RssB
J Schwartz, J Son, C Brugger, AM Deaconescu
Protein Science 30 (4), 899-907, 2021
Structure of phosphorylated-like RssB, the adaptor delivering σs to the ClpXP proteolytic machinery, reveals an interface switch for activation
C Brugger, J Schwartz, S Novick, S Tong, JR Hoskins, N Majdalani, R Kim, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 299 (12), 2023
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