Jun Li
Jun Li
Northwestern University; University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Effective weight control via an implanted self-powered vagus nerve stimulation device
G Yao, L Kang, J Li, Y Long, H Wei, CA Ferreira, JJ Jeffery, Y Lin, W Cai, ...
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Study of long-term biocompatibility and bio-safety of implantable nanogenerators
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Multifunctional Artificial Artery from Direct 3D Printing with Built‐In Ferroelectricity and Tissue‐Matching Modulus for Real‐Time Sensing and Occlusion Monitoring
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Enhanced Performance of Ge Photodiodes via Monolithic Antireflection Texturing and α-Ge Self-Passivation by Inverse Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching
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Y Long, H Wei, J Li, M Li, Y Wang, Z Zhang, T Cao, C Carlos, LG German, ...
Nano Letters 20 (9), 6510-6519, 2020
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