Andreas Mautner
Andreas Mautner
Institute for Materials Chemistry & Research
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Engineered mycelium composite construction materials from fungal biorefineries: A critical review
M Jones, A Mautner, S Luenco, A Bismarck, S John
Materials & Design 187, 108397, 2020
Cellulose nanopapers as tight aqueous ultra-filtration membranes
A Mautner, KY Lee, T Tammelin, AP Mathew, AJ Nedoma, K Li, ...
Reactive and Functional Polymers 86, 209-214, 2015
Cationic cellulose nanofibers from waste pulp residues and their nitrate, fluoride, sulphate and phosphate adsorption properties
H Sehaqui, A Mautner, UP de Larraya, N Pfenninger, P Tingaut, ...
Carbohydrate polymers 135, 334-340, 2016
Nanopapers for organic solvent nanofiltration
A Mautner, KY Lee, P Lahtinen, M Hakalahti, T Tammelin, K Li, ...
Chemical Communications 50 (43), 5778-5781, 2014
Phosphorylated nanocellulose papers for copper adsorption from aqueous solutions
A Mautner, HA Maples, T Kobkeatthawin, V Kokol, Z Karim, K Li, ...
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 13 (8), 1861-1872, 2016
Nanocellulose water treatment membranes and filters: a review
A Mautner
Polymer International 69 (9), 741-751, 2020
Thiol‐ene photopolymerization for efficient curing of vinyl esters
A Mautner, X Qin, H Wutzel, SC Ligon, B Kapeller, D Moser, ...
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 51 (1), 203-212, 2013
Agricultural by-product suitability for the production of chitinous composites and nanofibers utilising Trametes versicolor and Polyporus brumalis mycelial growth
MP Jones, AC Lawrie, TT Huynh, PD Morrison, A Mautner, A Bismarck, ...
Process biochemistry 80, 95-102, 2019
Fully bio-based zwitterionic membranes with superior antifouling and antibacterial properties prepared via surface-initiated free-radical polymerization of poly (cysteine …
L Valencia, S Kumar, B Jalvo, A Mautner, G Salazar-Alvarez, AP Mathew
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (34), 16361-16370, 2018
Porous, Aligned, and Biomimetic Fibers of Regenerated Silk Fibroin Produced by Solution Blow Spinning
A Magaz, AD Roberts, S Faraji, TRL Nascimento, ES Medeiros, W Zhang, ...
Biomacromolecules 19 (12), 4542-4553, 2018
Nitrate removal from water using a nanopaper ion-exchanger
A Mautner, HA Maples, H Sehaqui, T Zimmermann, UP de Larraya, ...
Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology 2 (1), 117-124, 2016
Incorporation of CuO nanoparticles into thin-film composite reverse osmosis membranes (TFC-RO) for antibiofouling properties
A García, B Rodríguez, D Oztürk, M Rosales, DI Diaz, A Mautner
Polymer Bulletin 75 (5), 2053-2069, 2018
Direct Interfacial Modification of Nanocellulose Films for Thermoresponsive Membrane Templates
TT Minna Hakalahti, Andreas Mautner, Leena-Sisko Johansson, Tuomas Hänninen ...
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 8 (5), 2923-2927, 2016
Biomaterials based on low cytotoxic vinyl esters for bone replacement application
B Husár, C Heller, M Schwentenwein, A Mautner, F Varga, T Koch, ...
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 49 (23), 4927-4934, 2011
Waterborne nanocellulose coatings for improving the antifouling and antibacterial properties of polyethersulfone membranes
A Aguilar-Sanchez, B Jalvo, A Mautner, S Nameer, T Pöhler, T Tammelin, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 620, 118842, 2021
Noncovalent surface modification of cellulose nanopapers by adsorption of polymers from aprotic solvents
KS Kontturi, K Biegaj, A Mautner, RT Woodward, BP Wilson, ...
Langmuir 33 (23), 5707-5712, 2017
Natural fibre-nanocellulose composite filters for the removal of heavy metal ions from water
A Mautner, Y Kwaw, K Weiland, M Mvubu, A Botha, MJ John, A Mtibe, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 133, 325-332, 2019
Waste-Derived Low-Cost Mycelium Nanopapers with Tunable Mechanical and Surface Properties
M Jones, K Weiland, M Kujundzic, J Theiner, H Kählig, E Kontturi, ...
Biomacromolecules 20 (9), 3513-3523, 2019
Efficient Curing of Vinyl Carbonates by Thiol‐Ene Polymerization
A Mautner, X Qin, B Kapeller, G Russmueller, T Koch, J Stampfl, R Liska
Macromolecular rapid communications 33 (23), 2046-2052, 2012
Fungal chitin-glucan nanopapers with heavy metal adsorption properties for ultrafiltration of organic solvents and water
N Yousefi, M Jones, A Bismarck, A Mautner
Carbohydrate Polymers 253, 117273, 2021
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