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Tobias Glasmachers
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Natural evolution strategies
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AI for social good: unlocking the opportunity for positive impact
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Limits of end-to-end learning
T Glasmachers
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Exponential natural evolution strategies
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High dimensions and heavy tails for natural evolution strategies
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A unified view on multi-class support vector classification
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Maximum-gain working set selection for SVMs
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Large scale black-box optimization by limited-memory matrix adaptation
I Loshchilov, T Glasmachers, HG Beyer
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Modeling macroscopic material behavior with machine learning algorithms trained by micromechanical simulations
D Reimann, K Nidadavolu, H ul Hassan, N Vajragupta, T Glasmachers, ...
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SpikeDeeptector: a deep-learning based method for detection of neural spiking activity
M Saif-ur-Rehman, R Lienkämper, Y Parpaley, J Wellmer, C Liu, B Lee, ...
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Maximum likelihood model selection for 1-norm soft margin SVMs with multiple parameters
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Accelerated coordinate descent with adaptive coordinate frequencies
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Second-order SMO improves SVM online and active learning
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A natural evolution strategy for multi-objective optimization
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Challenges in high-dimensional reinforcement learning with evolution strategies
N Müller, T Glasmachers
Parallel Problem Solving from Nature–PPSN XV: 15th International Conference …, 2018
Drift theory in continuous search spaces: expected hitting time of the (1+ 1)-ES with 1/5 success rule
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Evolutionary optimization of sequence kernels for detection of bacterial gene starts
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International Journal of Neural Systems 17 (5), 369-381, 2007
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