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Morphological development in solvent-cast polystyrene− polybutadiene− polystyrene (SBS) triblock copolymer thin films
G Kim, M Libera
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Protein engineering of a viral cage for constrained nanomaterials synthesis
T Douglas, E Strable, D Willits, A Aitouchen, M Libera, M Young
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Viscoelasticity of biofilms and their recalcitrance to mechanical and chemical challenges
BW Peterson, Y He, Y Ren, A Zerdoum, MR Libera, PK Sharma, ...
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Self-defensive layer-by-layer films with bacteria-triggered antibiotic release
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Differential response of Staphylococci and osteoblasts to varying titanium surface roughness
Y Wu, JP Zitelli, KS TenHuisen, X Yu, MR Libera
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Predation of human pathogens by the predatory bacteria Micavibrio aeruginosavorus and Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus
A Dashiff, RA Junka, M Libera, DE Kadouri
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Anti-SSA/Ro and anti-SSB/La autoantibodies bind the surface of apoptotic fetal cardiocytes and promote secretion of TNF-α by macrophages
ME Miranda-Carus, AD Askanase, RM Clancy, F Di Donato, TM Chou, ...
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Size dependent efficiency in Tb doped Y2O3 nanocrystalline phosphor
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Hydrogen-bonded polymer capsules formed by layer-by-layer self-assembly
V Kozlovskaya, S Ok, A Sousa, M Libera, SA Sukhishvili
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Polymer multilayers with pH-triggered release of antibacterial agents
S Pavlukhina, Y Lu, A Patimetha, M Libera, S Sukhishvili
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Self-defensive antibacterial layer-by-layer hydrogel coatings with pH-triggered hydrophobicity
Y Lu, Y Wu, J Liang, MR Libera, SA Sukhishvili
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Biointeractive hydrogels
P Krsko, M Libera
Materials today 8 (12), 36-44, 2005
Electron-beam surface-patterned poly (ethylene glycol) microhydrogels
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Kinetic constraints on the development of surface microstructure in SBS thin films
G Kim, M Libera
Macromolecules 31 (8), 2670-2672, 1998
Advances in the transmission electron microscopy of polymers
MR Libera, RF Egerton
Polymer Reviews 50 (3), 321-339, 2010
Oxygen-generating nanofiber cell scaffolds with antimicrobial properties
J Wang, Y Zhu, HK Bawa, G Ng, Y Wu, M Libera, HC Van Der Mei, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 3 (1), 67-73, 2011
Length-scale mediated adhesion and directed growth of neural cells by surface-patterned poly (ethylene glycol) hydrogels
P Krsko, TE McCann, TT Thach, TL Laabs, HM Geller, MR Libera
Biomaterials 30 (5), 721-729, 2009
Protein surface patterning using nanoscale PEG hydrogels
Y Hong, P Krsko, M Libera
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Length‐scale mediated differential adhesion of mammalian cells and microbes
Y Wang, G Subbiahdoss, J Swartjes, HC van der Mei, HJ Busscher, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 21 (20), 3916-3923, 2011
Time‐resolved reflection and transmission studies of amorphous Ge‐Te thin‐film crystallization
M Libera, M Chen
Journal of applied physics 73 (5), 2272-2282, 1993
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