Igor Obreht
Igor Obreht
MARUM-Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, University of Bremen
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Loess: Rock, sediment or soil–What is missing for its definition?
T Sprafke, I Obreht
Quaternary International 399, 198-207, 2016
Approaches and challenges to the study of loess—Introduction to the LoessFest Special Issue
RJ Schaetzl, EA Bettis, O Crouvi, KE Fitzsimmons, DA Grimley, ...
Quaternary Research 89 (3), 563-618, 2018
Shift of large-scale atmospheric systems over Europe during late MIS 3 and implications for Modern Human dispersal
I Obreht, U Hambach, D Veres, C Zeeden, J Bösken, T Stevens, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 1-10, 2017
Tracing the influence of Mediterranean climate on Southeastern Europe during the past 350,000 years
I Obreht, C Zeeden, U Hambach, D Veres, SB Markoviæ, J Bösken, ...
Scientific Reports 6, 36334, 2016
The Late Pleistocene Belotinac section (southern Serbia) at the southern limit of the European loess belt: Environmental and climate reconstruction using grain size and stable …
I Obreht, B Buggle, N Catto, SB Markoviè, S Bösel, DAG Vandenberghe, ...
Quaternary International 334, 10-19, 2014
A critical reevaluation of palaeoclimate proxy records from loess in the Carpathian Basin
I Obreht, C Zeeden, U Hambach, D Veres, SB Markoviæ, F Lehmkuhl
Earth-science reviews 190, 498-520, 2019
Millennial scale climate oscillations recorded in the Lower Danube loess over the last glacial period
C Zeeden, U Hambach, D Veres, K Fitzsimmons, I Obreht, J Bösken, ...
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 509, 164-181, 2018
Loess landscapes of Europe–Mapping, geomorphology, and zonal differentiation
F Lehmkuhl, JJ Nett, S Pötter, P Schulte, T Sprafke, Z Jary, P Antoine, ...
Earth-Science Reviews 215, 103496, 2021
Environmental dynamics and luminescence chronology from the Orlovat loess–palaeosol sequence (Vojvodina, northern Serbia)
SB Markoviæ, A TIMAR‐GABOR, T Stevens, U Hambach, D Popov, ...
Journal of Quaternary Science 29 (2), 189-199, 2014
Aeolian dynamics at the Orlovat loess–paleosol sequence, northern Serbia, based on detailed textural and geochemical evidence
I Obreht, C Zeeden, P Schulte, U Hambach, E Eckmeier, A Timar-Gabor, ...
Aeolian Research 18, 69-81, 2015
Importance of biological loess crusts for loess formation in semi-arid environments
Z Svirèev, SB Markoviæ, T Stevens, GA Codd, I Smalley, J Simeunoviæ, ...
Quaternary International 296, 206-215, 2013
Quartz OSL dating of late quaternary Chinese and Serbian loess: a cross Eurasian comparison of dust mass accumulation rates
Z Periæ, EL Adolphi, T Stevens, G Újvári, C Zeeden, JP Buylaert, ...
Quaternary International 502, 30-44, 2019
Particulate organic carbon deconstructed: molecular and chemical composition of particulate organic carbon in the ocean
JJ Kharbush, HG Close, BAS Van Mooy, C Arnosti, RH Smittenberg, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 7, 518, 2020
Prevailing surface winds in Northern Serbia in the recent and past time periods; modern-and past dust deposition
MB Gavrilov, SB Markoviæ, RJ Schaetzl, I Točiæ, C Zeeden, I Obreht, ...
Aeolian Research 31, 117-129, 2018
The loess “cave” near the village of Surduk-an unusual pseudokarst landform in the loess of Vojvodina, Serbia
T Lukiæ, SB Markoviæ, T Stevens, DA Vasiljeviæ, B Machalett, N Milojkoviæ, ...
Acta Carsologica 38 (2-3), 2009
Palaeoenvironment and geoconservation of mammoths from the Nosak loess–palaeosol sequence (Drmno, northeastern Serbia): initial results and perspectives
SB Markoviè, M Koraè, N Mrđiè, JP Buylaert, C Thiel, SJ McLaren, ...
Quaternary International 334, 30-39, 2014
Patterns and timing of loess-paleosol transitions in Eurasia: constraints for paleoclimate studies
C Zeeden, U Hambach, I Obreht, Q Hao, HA Abels, D Veres, F Lehmkuhl, ...
Global and planetary change 162, 1-7, 2018
The Crvenka loess-paleosol sequence: A record of continuous grassland domination in the southern Carpathian Basin during the Late Pleistocene
SB Markoviæ, P Sümegi, T Stevens, RJ Schaetzl, I Obreht, W Chu, ...
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 509, 33-46, 2018
Loess correlations–Between myth and reality
SB Markoviæ, T Stevens, J Mason, J Vandenberghe, S Yang, D Veres, ...
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 509, 4-23, 2018
Loess distribution and related Quaternary sediments in the Carpathian Basin
F Lehmkuhl, J Bösken, J Hoček, T Sprafke, SB Markoviæ, I Obreht, ...
Journal of Maps 14 (2), 661-670, 2018
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