Shanq-Jang Ruan
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Dynamic contrast enhancement based on histogram specification
CC Sun, SJ Ruan, MC Shie, TW Pai
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Fast and efficient median filter for removing 1–99% levels of salt-and-pepper noise in images
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Low-power and high-quality Cordic-based Loeffler DCT for signal processing
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Design and analysis of low-power cache using two-level filter scheme
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A computationally efficient high-quality cordic based DCT
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PADCP: Power-aware dynamic clustering protocol for wireless sensor network
JY Cheng, SJ Ruan, RG Cheng, TT Hsu
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Accurate motion detection using a self-adaptive background matching framework
FC Cheng, SJ Ruan
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Continual learning strategy in one-stage object detection framework based on experience replay for autonomous driving vehicle
JL Shieh, QM Haq, MA Haq, S Karam, P Chondro, DQ Gao, SJ Ruan
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Improving mobility for the visually impaired: A wearable indoor positioning system based on visual markers
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An efficient thresholding algorithm for degraded document images based on intelligent block detection
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Hybrid automatic lung segmentation on chest ct scans
T Peng, TC Xu, Y Wang, H Zhou, S Candemir, WMDW Zaki, SJ Ruan, ...
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Advanced background subtraction approach using Laplacian distribution model
FC Cheng, SC Huang, SJ Ruan
2010 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, 754-759, 2010
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