Hucheng Chang
Hucheng Chang
Alte numeHu-Cheng Chang
POSTDOC Researcher, University of Virginia, USA
Adresă de e-mail confirmată pe virginia.edu
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Citat de
Layer-by-layer assembly of graphene, Au and poly (toluidine blue O) films sensor for evaluation of oxidative stress of tumor cells elicited by hydrogen peroxide
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Apoptosis induction and inhibition of drug resistant tumor growth in vivo involving daunorubicin-loaded graphene–gold composites
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Real-time measurement of cellobiose and glucose formation during enzymatic biomass hydrolysis
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Strongly Coupled Rhodium/Graphene Hybrids for H2O2 Oxidation with Ultra‐Low Potential and Enhanced Activity
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Electrochemical Monitoring of Heterogeneous Peroxygenase Reactions Unravels LPMO Kinetics
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Characterization of pyranose oxidase variants for bioelectrocatalytic applications
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Environmental Arsenic in a Changing World, 496-497, 2019
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