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Alessandra Bonanni
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Graphene for electrochemical sensing and biosensing
M Pumera, A Ambrosi, A Bonanni, ELK Chng, HL Poh
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Electrochemistry of graphene and related materials
A Ambrosi, CK Chua, A Bonanni, M Pumera
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Graphene and its electrochemistry–an update
A Ambrosi, CK Chua, NM Latiff, AH Loo, CHA Wong, AYS Eng, A Bonanni, ...
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Electrochemistry at chemically modified graphenes
A Ambrosi, A Bonanni, Z Sofer, JS Cross, M Pumera
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Graphene platform for hairpin-DNA-based impedimetric genosensing
A Bonanni, M Pumera
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Carboxylic carbon quantum dots as a fluorescent sensing platform for DNA detection
AH Loo, Z Sofer, D Bouša, P Ulbrich, A Bonanni, M Pumera
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Lithium aluminum hydride as reducing agent for chemically reduced graphene oxides
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Use of nanomaterials for impedimetric DNA sensors: a review
A Bonanni, M Del Valle
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Graphene for impedimetric biosensing
A Bonanni, AH Loo, M Pumera
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Biosensors for determination of total and natural antioxidant capacity of red and white wines: comparison with other spectrophotometric and fluorimetric methods
L Campanella, A Bonanni, E Finotti, M Tomassetti
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Determination of antioxidant properties of aromatic herbs, olives and fresh fruit using an enzymatic sensor
L Campanella, A Bonanni, G Favero, M Tomassetti
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Inherently electroactive graphene oxide nanoplatelets as labels for single nucleotide polymorphism detection
A Bonanni, CK Chua, G Zhao, Z Sofer, M Pumera
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Molybdenum disulfide (MoS 2) nanoflakes as inherently electroactive labels for DNA hybridization detection
AH Loo, A Bonanni, A Ambrosi, M Pumera
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Genomagnetic assay based on label-free electrochemical detection using magneto-composite electrodes
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Nucleic acid functionalized graphene for biosensing
A Bonanni, A Ambrosi, M Pumera
Chemistry–A European Journal 18 (6), 1668-1673, 2012
Determination of the antioxidant capacity of samples of different types of tea, or of beverages based on tea or other herbal products, using a superoxide dismutase biosensor
L Campanella, A Bonanni, M Tomassetti
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 32 (4-5), 725-736, 2003
Influence of gold nanoparticle size (2–50 nm) upon its electrochemical behavior: An electrochemical impedance spectroscopic and voltammetric study
A Bonanni, M Pumera, Y Miyahara
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (11), 4980-4986, 2011
Oxidation debris in graphene oxide is responsible for its inherent electroactivity
A Bonanni, A Ambrosi, CK Chua, M Pumera
ACS nano 8 (5), 4197-4204, 2014
Impedimetric thrombin aptasensor based on chemically modified graphenes
AH Loo, A Bonanni, M Pumera
Nanoscale 4 (1), 143-147, 2012
Electrochemistry of folded graphene edges
A Ambrosi, A Bonanni, M Pumera
Nanoscale 3 (5), 2256-2260, 2011
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