Ana I. de Castro
Ana I. de Castro
INIA Tenured Scientist
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Multi-temporal mapping of the vegetation fraction in early-season wheat fields using images from UAV
J Torres-Sánchez, JM Peña, AI de Castro, F López-Granados
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 103, 104-113, 2014
Weed mapping in early-season maize fields using object-based analysis of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) images
JM Peña, J Torres-Sánchez, AI de Castro, M Kelly, F López-Granados
PloS one 8 (10), e77151, 2013
Configuration and specifications of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for early site specific weed management
J Torres-Sánchez, F López-Granados, AI De Castro, JM Peña-Barragán
PloS one 8 (3), e58210, 2013
Assessing the accuracy of mosaics from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) imagery for precision agriculture purposes in wheat
D Gómez-Candón, AI De Castro, F López-Granados
Precision Agriculture 15, 44-56, 2014
An Automatic Random Forest-OBIA Algorithm for Early Weed Mapping between and within Crop Rows Using UAV Imagery
AI de Castro, J Torres-Sánchez, JM Peña, FM Jiménez-Brenes, O Csillik, ...
Remote Sensing 10 (2), 18, 2018
Quantifying efficacy and limits of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology for weed seedling detection as affected by sensor resolution
JM Peña, J Torres-Sánchez, A Serrano-Pérez, AI De Castro, ...
Sensors 15 (3), 5609-5626, 2015
Early season weed mapping in sunflower using UAV technology: variability of herbicide treatment maps against weed thresholds
F López-Granados, J Torres-Sánchez, A Serrano-Pérez, AI de Castro, ...
Precision agriculture 17, 183-199, 2016
Quantifying pruning impacts on olive tree architecture and annual canopy growth by using UAV-based 3D modelling
FM Jiménez-Brenes, F López-Granados, AI De Castro, J Torres-Sánchez, ...
Plant methods 13, 1-15, 2017
3-D characterization of vineyards using a novel UAV imagery-based OBIA procedure for precision viticulture applications
AI De Castro, FM Jiménez-Brenes, J Torres-Sánchez, JM Peña, ...
Remote Sensing 10 (4), 584, 2018
Object-based early monitoring of a grass weed in a grass crop using high resolution UAV imagery
F López-Granados, J Torres-Sánchez, AI De Castro, A Serrano-Pérez, ...
Agronomy for sustainable development 36, 1-12, 2016
Airborne multi-spectral imagery for mapping cruciferous weeds in cereal and legume crops
AI de Castro, M Jurado-Expósito, JM Peña-Barragán, F López-Granados
Precision Agriculture 13, 302-321, 2012
Detection of multi-tomato leaf diseases (late blight, target and bacterial spots) in different stages by using a spectral-based sensor
J Lu, R Ehsani, Y Shi, AI de Castro, S Wang
Scientific Reports, 2018
Broad-scale cruciferous weed patch classification in winter wheat using QuickBird imagery for in-season site-specific control
AI de Castro, F López-Granados, M Jurado-Expósito
Precision Agriculture 14, 392-413, 2013
Mapping the 3D structure of almond trees using UAV acquired photogrammetric point clouds and object-based image analysis
J Torres-Sánchez, AI de Castro, JM Peña, FM Jiménez-Brenes, O Arquero, ...
Biosystems Engineering 176, 72-184, 2018
Evaluating the performance of spectral features and multivariate analysis tools to detect laurel wilt disease and nutritional deficiency in avocado
J Abdulridha, Y Ampatzidis, E Reza, AI de Castro
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 155, 203-211, 2018
Optimum spectral and geometric parameters for early detection of laurel wilt disease in avocado
AI De Castro, R Ehsani, R Ploetz, JH Crane, J Abdulridha
Remote Sensing of Environment 171, 33-44, 2015
Field detection of anthracnose crown rot in strawberry using spectroscopy technology
J Lu, R Ehsani, Y Shi, J Abdulridha, AI de Castro, Y Xu
Computers and Electronic in Agriculture 135, 289, 2017
UAVs for Vegetation Monitoring: Overview and Recent Scientific Contributions
AI de Castro, Y Shi, JM Maja, JM Peña
Remote Sensing 13 (11), 2139, 2021
Object-based approach for crop row characterization in UAV images for site-specific weed management
JM Peña Barragán, M Kelly, AI Castro, F López Granados
Detection and differentiation between laurel wilt disease, phytophthora disease, and salinity damage using a hyperspectral sensing technique
J Abdulridha, R Ehsani, A De Castro
Agriculture 6 (4), 56, 2016
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