Cristian Nae
Cristian Nae
Profesor univ. dr. habil., Universitatea Nationala de Arte George Enescu, Iasi
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Citat de
Citat de
Moduri de a percepe. O introducere în teoria artei moderne și contemporane
C Nae
Polirom, Iasi, 2015
Ce este o operă de artă?
R Pouivet, C Nae, P Bejan
Editura Fundației Academice AXIS, 2009
Moduri de a percepe
C Nae
O introducere în teoria artei moderne și contemporane, Editura Artes, Iași …, 2013
Basements, attics, streets and courtyards: the reinvention of marginal art spaces in Romania during socialism
C Nae
Performance Art in the Second Public Sphere: Event-Based Art in Late …, 2018
Artistic Autonomy in the ‘Post-Medium Condition’of Art: Conceptual Artworks as Performative Interventions
C Nae
Meta: Research In Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, and Practical Philosophy 3 (2 …, 2011
Communicability and empathy: Sensus communis and the idea of the sublime in dialogical aesthetics
C Nae
Proceedings of the European Society for Aesthetics 2, 361-385, 2010
Reality unbound. The politics of fragmentation in the experimental productions of kinema ikon
C Nae
Studies in Eastern European Cinema 7 (1), 25-38, 2016
Retrospective Exhibitions and Identity Politics: The Capitalization of Criticality in Curatorial Accounts of Eastern European Art after 1989
C Nae
Curating ”Eastern Europe” and Beyond: Art Histories through the Exhibition …, 2014
Two Dogmas of Conceptualism. Aesthetic Experience and Communication in and after Conceptual Art
C Nae
Sociedades en crisis: Europa y el concepto de estetica, 221-225, 2011
Estetica relațională. Postproducție
N Bourriaud, C Nae
Editura Idea, Cluj, 2007
Interpretive Truth and Interpretive Validity: Remarks on Danto’s Idea of “Constitutive Interpretation”
C Nae
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Romanian Contemporary Art 2010-20
A Bojenoiu, C Nae
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Messages in bottles: Documented performance and performative photography in Romanian art during late socialism
C Nae
Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe 27 (1), 81-97, 2019
‘Museum in the Streets’,”: Ljubljana’s Museum of Modern Art and the New Institutionalism,”
C Nae
Cher Krause and Harriet F. Seine, Museums and Public Art, 162-180, 2018
Behind the “Death of the Author”: Radical French Philosophy and the Fascination of the Sacred
C Nae
Past Futures: Extreme Subjectification. The Engineering of the Future and the Instrumentalization of Life
R Borcilă, C Nae
Vector 1, 144-153, 2005
Undoing the East Postcommunist Art and Performative Critique of Identity
C Nae
The Romanian Cultural Resolution, 0
Whose Figuration?: Varieties of Realism in Romanian Art 1968–1972
C Nae
Realisms of the Avant-Garde, 391-406, 2020
Revisiting Iconoclash Postsecularism, Religion and Politics in Contemporary Art from Romania
C Nae
IKON 11, 185-196, 2018
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