Jose A. Cuesta
Jose A. Cuesta
Prof. of Applied Mathematics, GISC, Dept. de Matemáticas, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
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Citat de
Citat de
Evolutionary game theory: Temporal and spatial effects beyond replicator dynamics
CP Roca, JA Cuesta, A Sánchez
Physics of life reviews 6 (4), 208-249, 2009
Heterogeneous networks do not promote cooperation when humans play a Prisoner’s Dilemma
C Gracia-Lázaro, A Ferrer, G Ruiz, A Tarancón, JA Cuesta, A Sánchez, ...
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JA Cuesta, FC Martínez, JM Molera, A Sánchez
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Effect of spatial structure on the evolution of cooperation
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Time scales in evolutionary dynamics
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JA Cuesta, D Frenkel
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Reputation drives cooperative behaviour and network formation in human groups
JA Cuesta, C Gracia-Lázaro, A Ferrer, Y Moreno, A Sánchez
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Altruism may arise from individual selection
A Sánchez, JA Cuesta
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General non-existence theorem for phase transitions in one-dimensional systems with short range interactions, and physical examples of such transitions
JA Cuesta, A Sánchez
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The turning point and end of an expanding epidemic cannot be precisely forecast
M Castro, S Ares, JA Cuesta, S Manrubia
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (42), 26190-26196, 2020
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J Grujić, C Gracia-Lázaro, M Milinski, D Semmann, A Traulsen, JA Cuesta, ...
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Dimensional crossover of the fundamental-measure functional for parallel hard cubes
JA Cuesta, Y Martínez-Ratón
Physical review letters 78 (19), 3681, 1997
Human behavior in Prisoner's Dilemma experiments suppresses network reciprocity
C Gracia-Lázaro, JA Cuesta, A Sánchez, Y Moreno
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Emergence and resilience of cooperation in the spatial prisoner's dilemma via a reward mechanism
R Jiménez, H Lugo, JA Cuesta, A Sánchez
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Fluid mixtures of parallel hard cubes
JA Cuesta
Physical review letters 76 (20), 3742, 1996
Fundamental measure theory for mixtures of parallel hard cubes. I. General formalism
JA Cuesta, Y Martınez-Ratón
The Journal of chemical physics 107 (16), 6379-6389, 1997
Theoretical approach to two-dimensional traffic flow models
JM Molera, FC Martínez, JA Cuesta, R Brito
Physical Review E 51 (1), 175, 1995
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