Harry McClelland
Harry McClelland
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Organic carbon burial during OAE2 driven by changes in the locus of organic matter sulfurization
MR Raven, DA Fike, ML Gomes, SM Webb, AS Bradley, HLO McClelland
Nature communications 9 (1), 3409, 2018
Temperature limits to deep subseafloor life in the Nankai Trough subduction zone
VB Heuer, F Inagaki, Y Morono, Y Kubo, AJ Spivack, B Viehweger, ...
Science 370 (6521), 1230-1234, 2020
The origin of carbon isotope vital effects in coccolith calcite
HLO McClelland, J Bruggeman, M Hermoso, REM Rickaby
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Calcification response of a key phytoplankton family to millennial-scale environmental change
HLO McClelland, N Barbarin, L Beaufort, M Hermoso, P Ferretti, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 34263, 2016
Vanishing coccolith vital effects with alleviated carbon limitation
M Hermoso, IZX Chan, HLO McClelland, AMC Heureux, REM Rickaby
Biogeosciences 13 (1), 301-312, 2016
The uronic acid content of coccolith-associated polysaccharides provides insight into coccolithogenesis and past climate
RBY Lee, DAI Mavridou, G Papadakos, HLO McClelland, REM Rickaby
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The formation of convolute lamination in mud‐rich turbidites
C Gladstone, HLO McClelland, NH Woodcock, D Pritchard, JE Hunt
Sedimentology 65 (5), 1800-1825, 2018
Carbon isotope ratios of coccolith–associated polysaccharides of Emiliania huxleyi as a function of growth rate and CO2 concentration
EB Wilkes, RBY Lee, HLO McClelland, REM Rickaby, A Pearson
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Eye and sheath folds in turbidite convolute lamination: Aberystwyth Grits Group, Wales
HLO McClelland, NH Woodcock, C Gladstone
Journal of Structural Geology 33 (7), 1140-1147, 2011
An explanation for the 18O excess in Noelaerhabdaceae coccolith calcite
M Hermoso, F Minoletti, G Aloisi, M Bonifacie, HLO McClelland, ...
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Expedition 370 methods
Y Morono, F Inagaki, VB Heuer, Y Kubo, L Maeda, S Bowden, M Cramm, ...
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In-situ mechanical weakness of subducting sediments beneath a plate boundary décollement in the Nankai Trough
Y Hamada, T Hirose, A Ijiri, Y Yamada, Y Sanada, S Saito, N Sakurai, ...
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Site C0023
VB Heuer, F Inagaki, Y Morono, Y Kubo, L Maeda, S Bowden, M Cramm, ...
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International Ocean Discovery Program, 2017
Preparing for a post-net-zero world
AD King, J Peel, T Ziehn, KJ Bowen, HLO McClelland, C McMichael, ...
Nature Climate Change 12 (9), 775-777, 2022
Ontogenetic color switching in lizards as a by-product of guanine cell development
G Zhang, VJ Yallapragada, M Shemesh, A Wagner, A Upcher, I Pinkas, ...
bioRxiv, 2022.01. 12.475993, 2022
Statistical uncertainty in paleoclimate proxy reconstructions
HLO McClelland, I Halevy, DA Wolf‐Gladrow, D Evans, AS Bradley
Geophysical research letters 48 (15), e2021GL092773, 2021
Direct observation of the dynamics of single-cell metabolic activity during microbial diauxic growth
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MBio 11 (2), 10.1128/mbio. 01519-19, 2020
Early diagenetic constraints on Permian seawater chemistry from the Capitan Reef
RN Bryant, TM Present, ASC Ahm, HLO McClelland, D Razionale, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 328, 1-18, 2022
The isotopic imprint of life on an evolving planet
MK Lloyd, HLO McClelland, G Antler, AS Bradley, I Halevy, CK Junium, ...
Space Science Reviews 216, 1-54, 2020
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