Marco Velli
Marco Velli
Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences, UCLA
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The solar probe plus mission: humanity’s first visit to our star
NJ Fox, MC Velli, SD Bale, R Decker, A Driesman, RA Howard, JC Kasper, ...
Space Science Reviews 204, 7-48, 2016
The FIELDS instrument suite for Solar Probe Plus: measuring the coronal plasma and magnetic field, plasma waves and turbulence, and radio signatures of solar transients
SD Bale, K Goetz, PR Harvey, P Turin, JW Bonnell, T Dudok de Wit, ...
Space science reviews 204, 49-82, 2016
The solar orbiter mission-science overview
D Müller, OCS Cyr, I Zouganelis, HR Gilbert, R Marsden, ...
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Solar wind electrons alphas and protons (SWEAP) investigation: Design of the solar wind and coronal plasma instrument suite for solar probe plus
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Highly structured slow solar wind emerging from an equatorial coronal hole
SD Bale, ST Badman, JW Bonnell, TA Bowen, D Burgess, AW Case, ...
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JC Kasper, SD Bale, JW Belcher, M Berthomier, AW Case, ...
Nature 576 (7786), 228-231, 2019
On the propagation of ideal, linear Alfvén waves in radially stratified stellar atmospheres and winds
M Velli
Astronomy and Astrophysics (ISSN 0004-6361), vol. 270, no. 1-2, p. 304-314 …, 1993
Alfvén waves and turbulence in the solar atmosphere and solar wind
A Verdini, M Velli
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Evolution of the solar wind proton temperature anisotropy from 0.3 to 2.5 AU
L Matteini, S Landi, P Hellinger, F Pantellini, M Maksimovic, M Velli, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 34 (20), 2007
Who needs turbulence? A review of turbulence effects in the heliosphere and on the fundamental process of reconnection
WH Matthaeus, M Velli
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II Roussev, TI Gombosi, IV Sokolov, M Velli, W Manchester IV, ...
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A turbulence-driven model for heating and acceleration of the fast wind in coronal holes
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Nonlinear dynamics of the Parker scenario for coronal heating
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Energy release in a turbulent corona
G Einaudi, M Velli, H Politano, A Pouquet
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Parametric decay of circularly polarized Alfvén waves: Multidimensional simulations in periodic and open domains
L Del Zanna, M Velli, P Londrillo
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A semiempirical magnetohydrodynamical model of the solar wind
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Turbulent cascade of incompressible unidirectional Alfvén waves in the interplanetary medium
M Velli, R Grappin, A Mangeney
Physical Review Letters 63 (17), 1807, 1989
Reconnection of quasi-singular current sheets: the “ideal” tearing mode
F Pucci, M Velli
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 780 (2), L19, 2013
A model for magnetically coupled sympathetic eruptions
T Török, O Panasenco, VS Titov, Z Mikić, KK Reeves, M Velli, JA Linker, ...
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Integrated Science Investigation of the Sun (ISIS): Design of the energetic particle investigation
DJ McComas, N Alexander, N Angold, S Bale, C Beebe, B Birdwell, ...
Space Science Reviews 204, 187-256, 2016
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