Steven Allan Kivelson
Steven Allan Kivelson
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Solitons in conducting polymers
AJ Heeger, S Kivelson, JR Schrieffer, WP Su
Reviews of Modern Physics 60 (3), 781, 1988
Importance of phase fluctuations in superconductors with small superfluid density
VJ Emery, SA Kivelson
Nature 374 (6521), 434-437, 1995
From quantum matter to high-temperature superconductivity in copper oxides
B Keimer, SA Kivelson, MR Norman, S Uchida, J Zaanen
Nature 518 (7538), 179-186, 2015
How to detect fluctuating stripes in the high-temperature superconductors
SA Kivelson, IP Bindloss, E Fradkin, V Oganesyan, JM Tranquada, ...
Reviews of Modern Physics 75 (4), 1201, 2003
Electronic liquid-crystal phases of a doped Mott insulator
SA Kivelson, E Fradkin, VJ Emery
Nature 393 (6685), 550-553, 1998
Effective-field-theory model for the fractional quantum Hall effect
SC Zhang, TH Hansson, S Kivelson
Physical review letters 62 (1), 82, 1989
Skyrmions and the crossover from the integer to fractional quantum Hall effect at small Zeeman energies
SL Sondhi, A Karlhede, SA Kivelson, EH Rezayi
Physical Review B 47 (24), 16419, 1993
Superconductivity and the quantum hard-core dimer gas
DS Rokhsar, SA Kivelson
Physical review letters 61 (20), 2376, 1988
Topology of the resonating valence-bond state: Solitons and high-T c superconductivity
SA Kivelson, DS Rokhsar, JP Sethna
Physical Review B 35 (16), 8865, 1987
Phase separation in the t-J model
VJ Emery, SA Kivelson, HQ Lin
Physical review letters 64 (4), 475, 1990
Colloquium: Theory of intertwined orders in high temperature superconductors
E Fradkin, SA Kivelson, JM Tranquada
Reviews of Modern Physics 87 (2), 457, 2015
Frustrated electronic phase separation and high-temperature superconductors
VJ Emery, SA Kivelson
Physica C: Superconductivity 209 (4), 597-621, 1993
Spin-gap proximity effect mechanism of high-temperature superconductivity
VJ Emery, SA Kivelson, O Zachar
Physical Review B 56 (10), 6120, 1997
Theory of electron nematic order in LaFeAsO
C Fang, H Yao, WF Tsai, JP Hu, SA Kivelson
Physical Review B 77 (22), 224509, 2008
Nematic Fermi fluids in condensed matter physics
E Fradkin, SA Kivelson, MJ Lawler, JP Eisenstein, AP Mackenzie
Annu. Rev. Condens. Matter Phys. 1 (1), 153-178, 2010
Superconductivity in bad metals
VJ Emery, SA Kivelson
Physical Review Letters 74 (16), 3253, 1995
Global phase diagram in the quantum Hall effect
S Kivelson, DH Lee, SC Zhang
Physical Review B 46 (4), 2223, 1992
The frustration-based approach of supercooled liquids and the glass transition: a review and critical assessment
G Tarjus, SA Kivelson, Z Nussinov, P Viot
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 17 (50), R1143, 2005
Quantum theory of a nematic Fermi fluid
V Oganesyan, SA Kivelson, E Fradkin
Physical Review B 64 (19), 195109, 2001
Polar Kerr-Effect Measurements of the High-Temperature Superconductor: Evidence for Broken Symmetry near the Pseudogap Temperature
J Xia, E Schemm, G Deutscher, SA Kivelson, DA Bonn, WN Hardy, ...
Physical Review Letters 100 (12), 127002, 2008
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