Kapali Viswanathan
Kapali Viswanathan
Siemens Technology
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Citat de
Robust, privacy protecting and publicly verifiable sealed-bid auction
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A three phased schema for sealed bid auction system design
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Methods and systems for shared file storage
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Secure document workflow
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NLHB: A light-weight, provably-secure variant of the HB protocol using simple non-linear functions
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Publicly verifiable key escrow with limited time span
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Secured data transmission using identity-based cryptography
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Real-time communication security for automation networks
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Key recovery system for the commercial environment
JG Nieto, K Viswanathan, C Boyd, E Dawson
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Architecture for a Delay-and-Disruption Tolerant Public-Key Distribution Network (PKDN)
K Viswanathan, F Templin
https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-viswanathan-dtnwg-pkdn-00, 2016
Printing system and method
S Godavari, K Viswanathan, ASR Kuchibhotla
US Patent 8,749,821, 2014
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