Alex J. Wood
Alex J. Wood
Economic Sociologist, University of Bristol and Oxford University
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Citat de
Good Gig, Bad Gig: Autonomy and Algorithmic Control in the Global Gig Economy
AJ Wood, M Graham, V Lehdonvirta, I Hjorth
Work, Employment and Society, 0950017018785616, 2019
Workers of the Internet unite? Online freelancer organisation among remote gig economy workers in six Asian and African countries
AJ Wood, V Lehdonvirta, M Graham
New Technology, Work and Employment 33 (2), 95-112, 2018
Networked but commodified: The (dis) embeddedness of digital labour in the gig economy
AJ Wood, M Graham, V Lehdonvirta, I Hjorth
Sociology 53 (5), 931-950, 2019
The Risks and Rewards of Online Gig Work At the Global Margins
M Graham, V Lehdonvirta, AJ Wood, H Barnard, I Hjorth, S D.P
Oxford Internet Institute, 2017
Networks of injustice and worker mobilisation at Walmart
AJ Wood
Industrial Relations Journal 46 (4), 259-274, 2015
Despotism on demand: How power operates in the flexible workplace
AJ Wood
Cornell University Press, 2020
Flexible scheduling, degradation of job quality and barriers to collective voice
AJ Wood
Human Relations 69 (10), 1989-2010, 2016
Antagonism beyond employment: how the ‘subordinated agency’of labour platforms generates conflict in the remote gig economy
AJ Wood, V Lehdonvirta
Socio-Economic Review 19 (4), 1369-1396, 2021
Powerful times: Flexible discipline and schedule gifts at work
AJ Wood
Work, Employment and Society 32 (6), 1061-1077, 2018
Unemployment and well-being
AJ Wood, BJ Burchell
Cambridge University Press, 2018
The power of social media as a labour campaigning tool: lessons from OUR Walmart and the Fight for 15
V Pasquier, AJ Wood
ETUI Policy Brief: European Economic, Employment and Social Policy 10, 1-6, 2018
Algorithmic Management: Consequences for Work Organisation and Working Conditions
AJ Wood
https://ec.europa.eu/jrc/sites/jrcsh/files/jrc124874.pdf, 2021
Alienation Is Not ‘Bullshit’: An Empirical Critique of Graeber’s Theory of BS Jobs
M Soffia, AJ Wood, B Burchell
Work, Employment and Society, 09500170211015067, 2021
Towards a new web of rules: An international review of institutional experimentation to strengthen employment protections
CF Wright, AJ Wood, J Trevor, C McLaughlin, W Huang, B Harney, ...
Employee Relations: The International Journal, 2018
Platforms disrupting reputation: Precarity and recognition struggles in the remote gig economy
AJ Wood, V Lehdonvirta
Sociology, 00380385221126804, 2022
Why the digital gig economy needs co-ops and unions
M Graham, A Wood
Open Democracy UK, 2016
Virtual production networks: fixing commodification and disembeddedness
A Wood, M Graham, V Lehdonvirta, H Barnard, I Hjorth
The Taylor Review: understanding the gig economy, dependency and the complexities of control.
AJ Wood
New Technology, Work and Employment, 2019
Beyond mobilisation at McDonald’s: Towards networked organising
AJ Wood
Capital & Class 44 (4), 493-502, 2020
Dynamics of contention in the gig economy: Rage against the platform, customer or state?
AJ Wood, N Martindale, V Lehdonvirta
New Technology, Work and Employment, 2021
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