S.M.Hadi Sadati
S.M.Hadi Sadati
Research Fellow, King's College London
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Citat de
Control Space Reduction and Real-Time Accurate Modeling of Continuum Manipulators Using Ritz and Ritz-Galerkin Methods
SMH Sadati, SE Naghibi, ID Walker, K Althoefer, T Nanayakkar
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 2018
Mechanics of Continuum Manipulators, A Comparative Study of Five Methods with Experiments
SMH Sadati, SE Naghibi, A Shiva, ID Walker, K Althoefer, T Nanayakkara
Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems, 686-702, 2017
Stiffness Control of Soft Robotic Manipulator for Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Using Scale Jamming
SMH Sadati, Y Noh, SE Naghibi, K Althoefer, T Nanayakkara
International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications, 141-151, 2015
TMTDyn: A Matlab Package for Modeling and Control of Hybrid Rigid-Continuum Robots Based on Discretized Lumped System and Reduced Order Models
SMH Sadati, SE Naghibi, A Shiva, B Michael, L Renson, M Howard, ...
International Journal of Robotics Research, 2021
A geometry deformation model for braided continuum manipulators
SMH Sadati, SE Naghibi, A Shiva, Y Noh, A Gupta, ID Walker, K Althoefer, ...
Frontiers in Robotics and AI 4, 22, 2017
Elasticity vs. Hyperelasticity Considerations in Quasi-Static Modelling of a Soft Finger-like Robotic Appendage for Real-time Position & Force Estimation
A Shiva, SMH Sadati, Y Noh, J Fra¶, A Ataka, H Wurdemann, H Hauser, ...
Soft Robotics, 2019
From Theoretical Work to Clinical Translation: Progress in Concentric Tube Robots
Z Mittros, SMH Sadati, R Henry, LD Cruz, C Bergeles
Annual Review of Control Robotics and Autonomous Systems 5, 2021
MAMMOBOT: A Miniature Steerable Soft Growing Robot for Early Breast Cancer Detection
P Berthet-Rayne, SMH Sadati, G Petrou, N Patel, S Giannarou, DR Leff, ...
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 2021
A Geometry Deformation Model for Compound Continuum Manipulators with External Loading
SMH Sadati, A Shiva, A Ataka, SE Naghibi, ID Walker, K Althoefer, ...
IEEE International Conference On Robotics and Automation: ICRA 2016, 2016
Optic nerve sheath fenestration with a multi-arm continuum robot
Z Mitros, S Sadati, C Seneci, E Bloch, K Leibrandt, M Khadem, L Da Cruz, ...
IEEE robotics and automation letters 5 (3), 4874-4881, 2020
Reduced Order vs. Discretized Lumped System Models with Absolute and Relative States for Continuum Manipulators
SMH Sadati, A Shiva, L Renson, C Rucker, K Althoefer, T Nanayakkara, ...
Robotics: Science and Systems Conference, 10, 2019
A Stiffness Controllable Multimodal Whisker Sensor Follicle for Texture Comparison
H Wegiriya, N Herzig, SA Abad, SMH Sadati, T Nanayakkara
IEEE Sensors, 2019
An automatic algorithm to derive linear vector form of Lagrangian equation of motion with collision and constraint
SMH Sadati, SE Naghibi, M Naraghi
Procedia Computer Science 76, 217-222, 2015
Stiffness imaging with a continuum appendage: Real-time shape and tip force estimation from base load readings
SMH Sadati, A Shiva, N Herzig, CD Rucker, H Hauser, ID Walker, ...
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 5 (2), 2824-2831, 2020
Significance of the compliance of the joints on the dynamic slip resistance of a bioinspired hoof
SA Abad, N Herzig, SMH Sadati, T Nanayakkara
IEEE Transactions on Robotics 35 (6), 1450-1463, 2019
Three-Dimensional-Printable Thermoactive Helical Interface with Decentralized Morphological Stiffness Control for Continuum Manipulators
S Sadati, L Sullivan, I Walker, K Althoefer, T Nanayakkara
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 2018
Real-time dynamics of concentric tube robots with reduced-order kinematics based on shape interpolation
SMH Sadati, Z Mitros, R Henry, L Zeng, L Da Cruz, C Bergeles
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 7 (2), 5671-5678, 2022
Singularity-Free Planning for a Robot Cat Free-Fall with Control Delay: Role of Limbs and Tail
SMH Sadati, A Meghdari
8th International Conference on Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (ICMAE …, 2017
A bio-inspired electro-active Velcro mechanism using Shape Memory Alloy for wearable and stiffness controllable layers
H Afrisal, SMH Sadati, T Nanayakkara
2016 IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation for …, 2016
Reduced Order Modeling and Model Order Reduction for Continuum Manipulators: A Review
SM Sadati, SE Naghibi, L da Cruz, C Bergeles
Frontiers in Robotics and AI 10, 91, 2023
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