Fu-Jen Kao
Fu-Jen Kao
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Femtosecond laser desorption of molecularly adsorbed oxygen from Pt (111)
FJ Kao, DG Busch, D Cohen, DG da Costa, W Ho
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Femtosecond versus nanosecond surface photochemistry: O 2+ CO on Pt (111) at 80 K
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Verification of antiparallel G-quadruplex structure in human telomeres by using two-photon excitation fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy of the 3, 6-Bis (1-methyl-4 …
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US Patent US2,009, 0
The use of optical parametric oscillator for harmonic generation and two‐photon UV fluorescence microscopy
FJ Kao
Microscopy research and technique 63 (3), 175-181, 2004
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