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Dan Robu
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Using CCDF statistics for characterizing the radiated power dynamics in the near field of a mobile phone operating in 3G+ and 4G+ communication standards
A Sârbu, A Bechet, T Bălan, D Robu, P Bechet, S Miclăuș
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Multihoming for mobile internet of multimedia things
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LISP Optimisation of Mobile Data Streaming in Connected Societies
T Balan, D Robu, F Sandu
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Twin-microcontroller GSM modem development system
F Sandu, DN Robu, PN Borza, W Szabo
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Optimization of GSM-UMTS core network for IP convergence in 4G through Mobile IPv6
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Social Networking of Instrumentation--a Case Study in Telematics
D Robu, F Sandu, D Petreus, A Nedelcu, A Balica
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Tele-measurement with virtual instrumentation using web-services
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Simulation of an advanced mobile communication network
F Sandu, S Cserey, I Szekely, D Robu, T Balan
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Communication Solutions for Power Measurement in the Cloud
V Fernoaga, GA Stelea, D Robu, F Sandu
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Web-service based thin client for tele-measurement
GA Stelea, V Fernoaga, C Gavrila, D Robu
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Contributions to content-based software defined networks
T Balan, S Zamfir, D Robu, F Sandu
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Deep Packet Inspection for M2M flow discrimination-integration on an ATCA platform
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Remote Access to an Advanced Telecommunications Platform for Educational Purpose
F Sandu, AN Balica, DN Robu, SR Svab
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Tele-measurement Services for m-Learning
E Kayafas, F Sandu, AV Nedelcu, C Costache, M Demeter, D Robu
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Performance measurement for mobile data streaming
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Service Delivery Platforms: Developing and Deploying Converged Multimedia Services
N Banerjee, D Chakraborty, S Mittal
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SDR-assisted device-to-device communication in radio-congested environments
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Extending Linux controllability of Bluetooth Low Energy devices in the IoT
S Zamfir, BA Lupu, GA Stelea, DN Robu
2017 International Conference on Optimization of Electrical and Electronic …, 2017
Remote project integration on an ATCA platform
OM Machidon, F Sandu, AN Balica, DN Robu, V Cazacu
2013 11th RoEduNet International Conference, 1-4, 2013
Localization of the Mobile Calls Based on SS7 Information and Using Web Mapping Service
V Cazacu, L Cobârzan, D Robu, F Sandu
Cell 4072, 4074, 2010
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