Paul-Adrian Chiroi
Paul-Adrian Chiroi
Research Center for Functional Genomics, Biomedicine and Translational Medicine, Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy, 23 Marinescu Street, 400337 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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Citat de
Cancer-associated stemness and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition signatures related to breast invasive carcinoma prognostic
IM Groza, C Braicu, A Jurj, O Zanoaga, R Lajos, P Chiroi, R Cojocneanu, ...
Cancers 12 (10), 3053, 2020
The role of miR-155 in nutrition: modulating cancer-associated inflammation
O Zanoaga, C Braicu, P Chiroi, N Andreea, NA Hajjar, S Mărgărit, ...
Nutrients 13 (7), 2245, 2021
Comprehensive analysis of the expression of key genes related to Hippo signaling and their prognosis impact in ovarian cancer
P Kubelac, C Braicu, L Raduly, P Chiroi, A Nutu, R Cojocneanu, ...
Diagnostics 11 (2), 344, 2021
Cellular and molecular profiling of tumor microenvironment and early-stage lung cancer
R Pirlog, P Chiroi, I Rusu, AM Jurj, L Budisan, C Pop-Bica, C Braicu, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (10), 5346, 2022
Dysregulation of miR-21-5p, miR-93-5p, miR-200c-3p and miR-205-5p in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Potential Biomarkers Panel?
O Aghiorghiesei, O Zanoaga, L Raduly, AI Aghiorghiesei, P Chiroi, A Trif, ...
Current Issues in Molecular Biology 44 (4), 1754-1767, 2022
Microarrays and NGS for drug discovery
LA Pop, O Zanoaga, P Chiroi, A Nutu, SS Korban, C Stefan, A Irimie, ...
Drug Design-Novel Advances in the Omics Field and Applications, 2021
The Implications of Noncoding RNAs in the Evolution and Progression of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)-Related HCC
I Rusu, R Pirlog, P Chiroi, A Nutu, VR Puia, AC Fetti, DR Rusu, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (20), 12370, 2022
Tumor Microenvironment Characterization as a Source of Novel Molecular Biomarkers in Early-stage Lung Cancer
R Pirlog, I Rus, P Chiroi, A Jurj, L Budisan, I Neagoe, D Crisan, ...
C,O‐Chelated organotin(IV) derivatives as potential anticancer agents: Synthesis, characterization, and cytotoxic activity
AA Someșan, SM Vieriu, A Crăciun, C Silvestru, P Chiroi, A Nutu, A Jurj, ...
Applied Organometallic Chemistry 36 (3), e6540, 2022
Non-Coding RNAs and Reactive Oxygen Species–Symmetric Players of the Pathogenesis Associated with Bacterial and Viral Infections
Z Milhem, P Chiroi, A Nutu, M Ilea, M Lupse, O Zanoaga, ...
Symmetry 13 (7), 1307, 2021
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