Juan Manuel Gutiérrez Salgado
Juan Manuel Gutiérrez Salgado
Research Professor. Bioelectronics Section, Department of Electrical Engineering. CINVESTAV
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A review of the use of the potentiometric electronic tongue in the monitoring of environmental systems
A Mimendia, JM Gutiérrez, L Leija, PR Hernández, L Favari, R Muñoz, ...
Environmental Modelling & Software 25 (9), 1023-1030, 2010
Determination of total polyphenol index in wines employing a voltammetric electronic tongue
X Cetó, JM Gutiérrez, M Gutiérrez, F Céspedes, J Capdevila, S Mínguez, ...
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JM Gutiérrez, Z Haddi, A Amari, B Bouchikhi, A Mimendia, X Cetó, ...
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Resolution of phenolic antioxidant mixtures employing a voltammetric bio-electronic tongue
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A voltammetric electronic tongue made of modified epoxy-graphite electrodes for the qualitative analysis of wine
JM Gutiérrez, L Moreno-Barón, MI Pividori, S Alegret, M del Valle
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Data compression for a voltammetric electronic tongue modelled with artificial neural networks
L Moreno‐Barón, R Cartas, A Merkoçi, S Alegret, JM Gutiérrez, L Leija, ...
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First advances on the development of a hydroponic system for cherry tomato culture
LA Velazquez, MA Hernandez, M Leon, RB Dominguez, JM Gutierrez
Electrical Engineering, Computing Science and Automatic Control (CCE), 2013 …, 2013
Voltammetric electronic tongue and support vector machines for identification of selected features in Mexican coffee
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Multivariate calibration model from overlapping voltammetric signals employing wavelet neural networks
A Gutés, F Céspedes, R Cartas, S Alegret, M del Valle, JM Gutierrez, ...
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Wavelet neural networks to resolve the overlapping signal in the voltammetric determination of phenolic compounds
JM Gutiérrez, A Gutés, F Céspedes, M del Valle, R Muñoz
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EMG pattern recognition using Support Vector Machines classifier for myoelectric control purposes
M Leon, JM Gutierrez, L Leija, R Munoz
2011 Pan American Health Care Exchanges, 175-178, 2011
Remote environmental monitoring employing a potentiometric electronic tongue
M Gutiérrez, JM Gutiérrez, S Alegret, L Leija, PR Hernández, L Favari, ...
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Chocolate Classification by an Electronic Nose with Pressure Controlled Generated Stimulation
LF Valdez, JM Gutiérrez
Sensors 16 (10), 1745, 2016
Simultaneous determination of Zn (II), Cu (II), Cd (II) and Pb (II) in soil samples employing an array of potentiometric sensors and an artificial neural network model
D Wilson, JM Gutiérrez, S Alegret, M Del Valle
Electroanalysis 24 (12), 2249-2256, 2012
Artificial neural network for the voltamperometric quantification of diclofenac in presence of other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and some commercial excipients
GY Aguilar-Lira, JM Gutiérrez-Salgado, A Rojas-Hernández, ...
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 801, 527-535, 2017
Colorimetric analysis of ochratoxin a in beverage samples
D Bueno, LF Valdez, JM Gutiérrez Salgado, JL Marty, R Muñoz
Sensors 16 (11), 1888, 2016
SIA system employing the transient response from a potentiometric sensor array—Correction of a saline matrix effect
A Mimendia, JM Gutierrez, LJ Opalski, P Ciosek, W Wróblewski, ...
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Voltammetric electronic tongue for the qualitative analysis of beers
X Cetó, JM Gutiérrez, A Mimendia, F Céspedes, M del Valle
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Determination of Uric Acid in Artificial Saliva with Compact AMP3291 Reader and Au Nanoparticles Modified Electrode
J Piedras, RB Dominguez, JM Gutiérrez
Chemosensors 9 (4), 73, 2021
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