Claudia Sannelli
Claudia Sannelli
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Neurophysiological predictor of SMR-based BCI performance
B Blankertz, C Sannelli, S Halder, EM Hammer, A Kübler, KR Müller, ...
Neuroimage 51 (4), 1303-1309, 2010
The Berlin brain–computer interface: non-medical uses of BCI technology
B Blankertz, M Tangermann, C Vidaurre, S Fazli, C Sannelli, S Haufe, ...
Frontiers in neuroscience 4, 198, 2010
Psychological predictors of SMR-BCI performance
EM Hammer, S Halder, B Blankertz, C Sannelli, T Dickhaus, S Kleih, ...
Biological psychology 89 (1), 80-86, 2012
Machine-learning-based coadaptive calibration for brain-computer interfaces
C Vidaurre, C Sannelli, KR Müller, B Blankertz
Neural computation 23 (3), 791-816, 2011
Co-adaptive calibration to improve BCI efficiency
C Vidaurre, C Sannelli, KR Müller, B Blankertz
Journal of neural engineering 8 (2), 025009, 2011
Large-scale EEG/MEG source localization with spatial flexibility
S Haufe, R Tomioka, T Dickhaus, C Sannelli, B Blankertz, G Nolte, ...
NeuroImage 54 (2), 851-859, 2011
A large scale screening study with a SMR-based BCI: Categorization of BCI users and differences in their SMR activity
C Sannelli, C Vidaurre, KR Müller, B Blankertz
PloS one 14 (1), e0207351, 2019
On optimal channel configurations for SMR-based brain–computer interfaces
C Sannelli, T Dickhaus, S Halder, EM Hammer, KR Müller, B Blankertz
Brain topography 23, 186-193, 2010
Immediate brain plasticity after one hour of brain–computer interface (BCI)
T Nierhaus, C Vidaurre, C Sannelli, KR Mueller, A Villringer
The Journal of physiology 599 (9), 2435-2451, 2021
Ensembles of adaptive spatial filters increase BCI performance: an online evaluation
C Sannelli, C Vidaurre, KR Müller, B Blankertz
Journal of neural engineering 13 (4), 046003, 2016
Pre-stimulus sensorimotor rhythms influence brain–computer interface classification performance
CL Maeder, C Sannelli, S Haufe, B Blankertz
IEEE Transactions on neural systems and rehabilitation engineering 20 (5 …, 2012
CSP patches: an ensemble of optimized spatial filters. An evaluation study
C Sannelli, C Vidaurre, KR Müller, B Blankertz
Journal of Neural Engineering 8 (2), 025012, 2011
Common spatial pattern patches-an optimized filter ensemble for adaptive brain-computer interfaces
C Sannelli, C Vidaurre, KR Müller, B Blankertz
2010 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and …, 2010
Detecting mental states by machine learning techniques: the berlin brain–computer interface
B Blankertz, M Tangermann, C Vidaurre, T Dickhaus, C Sannelli, ...
Brain-Computer Interfaces: Revolutionizing Human-Computer Interaction, 113-135, 2010
Estimating noise and dimensionality in BCI data sets: Towards illiteracy comprehension
C Sannelli, M Braun, M Tangermann, KR Müller
na 1, 1-6, 2008
Learning and evaluation in presence of non-iid label noise
N Görnitz, A Porbadnigk, A Binder, C Sannelli, M Braun, KR Müller, ...
Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, 293-302, 2014
Improving BCI performance by task-related trial pruning
C Sannelli, M Braun, KR Müller
Neural Networks 22 (9), 1295-1304, 2009
Extracting latent brain states—Towards true labels in cognitive neuroscience experiments
AK Porbadnigk, N Görnitz, C Sannelli, A Binder, M Braun, M Kloft, ...
NeuroImage 120, 225-253, 2015
Common Spatial Pattern Patches: online evaluation on BCI-naive users
C Sannelli, C Vidaurre, KR Müller, B Blankertz
2012 annual international conference of the IEEE engineering in medicine and …, 2012
Parieto-occipital alpha power indexes distraction during simulated car driving
R Schubert, M Tangermann, S Haufe, C Sannelli, M Simon, EA Schmidt, ...
International journal of psychophysiology 69 (3), 214, 2008
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