Matej Guid
Matej Guid
Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana
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Citat de
Citat de
Computer analysis of world chess champions
M Guid, I Bratko
ICGA journal 29 (2), 65-73, 2006
Gender, competition and performance: Evidence from real tournaments
P Backus, M Cubel, M Guid, S Sanchez-Pages, E Manas
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M Guid, I Bratko
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Fighting knowledge acquisition bottleneck with argument based machine learning
M Moľina, M Guid, J Krivec, A Sadikov, I Bratko
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Automated chess tutor
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Elicitation of neurological knowledge with argument-based machine learning
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Artificial intelligence in medicine 57 (2), 133-144, 2013
Evaluating the aesthetics of endgame studies: a computational model of human aesthetic perception
A Iqbal, H Van Der Heijden, M Guid, A Makhmali
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How trustworthy is Crafty’s analysis of world chess champions?
M Guid, A Pérez, I Bratko
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Learning positional features for annotating chess games: A case study
M Guid, M Moľina, J Krivec, A Sadikov, I Bratko
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ABML knowledge refinement loop: a case study
M Guid, M Moľina, V Groznik, D Georgiev, A Sadikov, Z Pirtoąek, I Bratko
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Gender, competition, and performance: Evidence from chess players
P Backus, M Cubel, M Guid, S Sánchez‐Pagés, E López Mañas
Quantitative Economics 14 (1), 349-380, 2023
Search-based estimation of problem difficulty for humans
M Guid, I Bratko
Artificial Intelligence in Education: 16th International Conference, AIED …, 2013
Search and knowledge for human and machine problem solving
M Guid
Ph. D. Thesis, University of Ljubljana, 2010
Initial experiments in robot discovery in XPERO
I Bratko, D ©uc, I Awaad, J Demąar, P Gemeiner, M Guid, B Leon, ...
Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2007
Assessing the difficulty of chess tactical problems
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Factors affecting diminishing returns for searching deeper
M Guid, I Bratko
ICGA journal 30 (2), 75-84, 2007
Influence of search depth on position evaluation
M Guid, I Bratko
Advances in Computer Games: 15th International Conferences, ACG 2017, Leiden …, 2017
Deriving concepts and strategies from chess tablebases
M Guid, M Moľina, A Sadikov, I Bratko
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A program for Progressive chess
V Janko, M Guid
Theoretical Computer Science 644, 76-91, 2016
Designing an interactive teaching tool with ABML knowledge refinement loop
M Zapuąek, M Moľina, I Bratko, J Rugelj, M Guid
Intelligent Tutoring Systems: 12th International Conference, ITS 2014 …, 2014
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