Octavian D. PAVEL
Octavian D. PAVEL
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Selective oxidation of 5-hydroxymethyl furfural over non-precious metal heterogeneous catalysts
F Neațu, RS Marin, M Florea, N Petrea, OD Pavel, VI Pârvulescu
Applied catalysis b: environmental 180, 751-757, 2016
Rare-earth elements modified hydrotalcites and corresponding mesoporous mixed oxides as basic solid catalysts
R Bîrjega, OD Pavel, G Costentin, M Che, E Angelescu
Applied Catalysis A: General 288 (1-2), 185-193, 2005
Acido-basic and catalytic properties of transition-metal containing Mg–Al hydrotalcites and their corresponding mixed oxides
OD Pavel, D Tichit, IC Marcu
Applied Clay Science 61, 52-58, 2012
The impact of the “memory effect” on the catalytic activity of Mg/Al; Mg, Zn/Al; Mg/Al, Ga hydrotalcite-like compounds used as catalysts for cycloxene epoxidation
E Angelescu, OD Pavel, R Bîrjega, M Florea, R Zăvoianu
Applied Catalysis A: General 341 (1-2), 50-57, 2008
Cyanoethylation of ethanol on Mg–Al hydrotalcites promoted by Y3+ and La3+
E Angelescu, OD Pavel, M Che, R Bıˆrjega, G Constentin
Catalysis Communications 5 (10), 647-651, 2004
Hydrotalcite like compounds with low Mo-loading active catalysts for selective oxidation of cyclohexene with hydrogen peroxide
R Zǎvoianu, R Bîrjega, OD Pavel, A Cruceanu, M Alifanti
Applied Catalysis A: General 286 (2), 211-220, 2005
The activity of Mg/Al reconstructed hydrotalcites by “memory effect” in the cyanoethylation reaction
OD Pavel, R Bîrjega, M Che, G Costentin, E Angelescu, S Șerban
Catalysis Communications 9 (10), 1974-1978, 2008
Solid base catalysts obtained from hydrotalcite precursors, for Knoevenagel synthesis of cinamic acid and coumarin derivatives
E Angelescu, OD Pavel, R Birjega, R Zăvoianu, G Costentin, M Che
Applied Catalysis A: General 308, 13-18, 2006
Epoxidation of Cyclohexene With H2O2 and Acetonitrile Catalyzed by Mg–Al Hydrotalcite and Cobalt Modified Hydrotalcites
R Ionescu, OD Pavel, R Bîrjega, R Zăvoianu, E Angelescu
Catalysis letters 134, 309-317, 2010
The activity of yttrium-modified Mg, Al hydrotalcites in the epoxidation of styrene with hydrogen peroxide
OD Pavel, B Cojocaru, E Angelescu, VI Pârvulescu
Applied Catalysis A: General 403 (1-2), 83-90, 2011
Highlights on the catalytic properties of polyoxometalate-intercalated layered double hydroxides: A review
AE Stamate, OD Pavel, R Zavoianu, IC Marcu
Catalysts 10 (1), 57, 2020
Graphene oxide as a metal-free catalyst for oxidation of primary amines to nitriles by hypochlorite
A Primo, M Puche, OD Pavel, B Cojocaru, A Tirsoaga, V Parvulescu, ...
Chemical communications 52 (9), 1839-1842, 2016
Epoxidation of cyclohexene with O2 and isobutyraldehyde catalysed by cobalt modified hydrotalcites
E Angelescu, R Ionescu, OD Pavel, R Zăvoianu, R Bîrjega, CR Luculescu, ...
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 315 (2), 178-186, 2010
The effect of ageing step elimination on the memory effect presented by Mg0. 75Al0. 25 hydrotalcites (HT) and their catalytic activity for cyanoethylation reaction
OD Pavel, R Zăvoianu, R Bîrjega, E Angelescu
Catalysis Communications 12 (10), 845-850, 2011
Mg–Al layered double hydroxides (LDHs) and their derived mixed oxides grown by laser techniques
A Matei, R Birjega, A Nedelcea, A Vlad, D Colceag, MD Ionita, ...
Applied surface science 257 (12), 5308-5311, 2011
Memory effect of hydrotalcites and its impact on cyanoethylation reaction
F Teodorescu, AM Pălăduță, OD Pavel
Materials Research Bulletin 48 (6), 2055-2059, 2013
Novel ruthenium-terpyridyl complex for direct oxidation of amines to nitriles
VIP L. Cristian, S. Nica, O.D. Pavel
The International Symposium of the Romanian Catalysis Society, ROMCAT2013 …, 2013
Novel ruthenium–terpyridyl complex for direct oxidation of amines to nitriles
L Cristian, S Nica, OD Pavel, C Mihailciuc, V Almasan, SM Coman, ...
Catalysis Science & Technology 3 (10), 2646-2653, 2013
Novel ruthenium-terpyridyl complex for direct oxidation of amines to nitriles
VIP L. Cristian, S. Nica, O.D. Pavel, C. Mihailciuc, A.C. Razus, C. Hardacre ...
A XXXII-a Conferință Națională de Chimie, Călimănești - Căciulata, 3 - 5 …, 2012
Molybdena–vanadia supported on alumina: Effective catalysts for the esterification reaction of acetic acid with n-butanol
G Mitran, OD Pavel, IC Marcu
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 370, 104-110, 2013
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